Virtual (Reality)

We all love games because of the experience they offer us, the graphics we are allowed to see and the atmosphere that (when done right) pulls us in and never lets go.

Game series like Elder Scrolls are so immersive I actually have to pinch myself every twenty minutes to remind myself that I am not a 6’2 Khajiit called ‘Tamra’ da’ whose pastimes include, spearing people in the spine, robbing their dead bodies and then setting their bodies on fire but am in actual fact a 5’11 Nerdy little fellow with an inferiority complex and bad hair, I digress.

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Elderly_Cynic2017d ago

This article feels like it's the start of a much longer article... then it just stops.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2016d ago

Not horrible but it could have been longer.

He had framed in a way that made it ripe for more content BUT it's His article...

Hozi2016d ago

I actually like the fact that he started it strong. Got my attention, and then didn't waste much time to tell me that he doesn't see this as a good thing but in fact a big downfall to mankind....I agree with him because as much as I love games...I'll never trade real life for a virtual one!