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Multiplayer Gaming's Impact on the Single-Player Experience

There’s no denying that this generation has been impacted by the growth of multiplayer gaming like none before. Some of the biggest titles of the past few years owe some portion of their success to the online elements they offer. While we here at OnlySP don’t often touch on multiplayer gaming, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the impact that its rise has had and will continue to have on the single-player experience (Call of Duty Series, Dragon's Dogma, Halo Series, Industry, Mass Effect Series, Tag Invalid)

Elderly_Cynic  +   801d ago
I grew up during a time when multiplayer meant passing the controllser to the person at the other end of the couch. I like multiplayer, but for me the single=player experience will always be the primary draw. Good stories are almost impossible to create with multiple anonymous protagonists...
ThatKanadianKid  +   801d ago
Didn't know there were any sites out there that covered single player only. Glad to see someones not letting the multiplayer frenzy take over haha.

Good article though, I really like the quote from the interview with Class3. Summarizes single player games staying alive and could even be used against all that junk going around about how mobile gamings going to destroy consoles bull crap.

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