Spartacus Legends Coming To Consoles In 2013, Is Based Upon The TV Show, First Screenshots

Ubisoft has announced that a video game based upon the hit TV show will be coming to consoles in 2013.

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TrendyGamers1923d ago

Should be interesting as long as they embrace the blood and gore of the show.

PockyKing1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Love the TV show. Every character is fleshed out and interesting. Such a shame though that original actor for Spartacus died.

BringingTheThunder1923d ago

wow, someone disagreed with you, they thought it wasnt a shame that someone died?

DasBunker1923d ago

Perhaps he disagreed with the comment on the series characters?

This will probably suck.. just another cash in game based on a tv series or movie

KING851923d ago

Unfortunately N4G has many idiots on here. It's a little concerning and sad at the same time.

rolandfurious1923d ago

It's not just N4G, it's the whole of the Internet. It's the nature of the beast.

MasterD9191923d ago

Let's hope it doesn't end up like the video game adaptation of Game of Thrones.

Should be good though. I enjoyed the original Spartacus series.

Rhezin1922d ago

whoever disagreed with PockyKing should be skinned alive! Then hot oil poured on them!

Gota get with the theme of the show right? lol!

I'm serious though....

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