Xbox Live Reduced Content For July 2012

It took them 10 days into July, but the Recently Reduced content on Xbox Live has finally been updated.

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Hufandpuf2202d ago

I swear XBL has the worst sales, unless it comes to their exclusive games. I already played Crysis 2 and just about everyone has played Mass Effect. Hell I can even get then cheaper at the store.

TrendyGamers2202d ago

I was shocked that Banjo Kazooie was $65 before the drop.

guitarded772201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Especially when Amazon has it for $17.69 with Viva Pinata.

They have Crackdown for under $10 too.

BringingTheThunder2202d ago

hydrophobia is 200 points, like $2.50 i think.

Siren302201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

What store can you get mass effect for less than $15.

Hufandpuf2201d ago

you can buy both games used for $10 at Amazon. Don't go to gamestop, they just rip you off.

ChunkyLover532202d ago

Portal 2 is 50% off and so is Gears Of War 3, if anyone is interested.

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MasterD9192202d ago

Gotta agree with the consensus here...You can buy the retail version, have a copy of the game and still pay less than what these so called "deals" have to offer.