The Married Gamers: Brave – The Video Game Review (PS3)

Melisa Snyder of The Married Gamers reviews Brave, the video game adaptation of Pixar's newest film. Labeled as a family friendly game that utilizes motion controls along with interactive co-op, is Brave worth your time?

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TheSuperior 2197d ago

I think this game looks cute for kids. Its games like these that deserve a lot more recgonition!

thorstein2197d ago

Toy Story 3 is actually a ton of fun too. Up! was an easy platinum, but is this one as good as Toy Story 3.

ITLoo2197d ago

I think it is just good for girl gamers to have a decent female lead in a game. Great game for families!

NiteX2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Haha yeah sure. Most girls think she's a robot.