The OXM Countdown - Xbox 360's creepiest kids

OXM - Children. A tedious biological inevitability at best, a blight upon our mental and emotional lives at worst. Only yesterday, a child (not mine) punched me in the ear while I was minding my own business, riding a water slide in Suffolk. What hideous evils will these creatures inflict upon us next? And why do all the extra-annoying, most dangerous varieties appear in videogames?

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Evildoomnerd2201d ago

I am a bit surprised nobody mentioned Alma Wade from the first F.E.A.R.

-Mezzo-2201d ago

Agreed, she should have been included in the list.

Hufandpuf2201d ago

Dat description. Seriously, we were all kids once, and doing the same exact shit. Being annoying and obnoxious. Most people still are.

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MasterD9192201d ago

The children in Fallout 3 were always....awkward. I would throw some of them in on that list.