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With an emphasis on dungeon prowling and amassing a formidable posse of beasts, Unchained Blades’ components help conceal the game’s archetypical JRPG tenets. Bolstered by a story which doesn’t take its self too seriously, the game’s clever combination of mechanics gel into a gratifying adventure which should please all but the most grind-weary adventurers.

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JRPGLuva2202d ago

I really want to play this one.

RaptorMan2202d ago

Sounds kind of fun. I used to love the old Wizardry games.

madmad2202d ago

Ok, let me ask...who here still plays PSP games?

sharpsword2202d ago

I do. I probably won't get a Vita until they're 150 or less.

Hicken2202d ago

I do, although since I don't have a PSP anymore, I use my Vita. P3P and Tactics Ogre are awesome. Just got Yggdra Union last night. In fact, I'm gonna go play it now...

belac092202d ago

i play my psp more than my vita,3ds and ps3. i still love all of them but my psp has all of my ps one classics and all the psp rpgs and i play those more than anything.