Something To Be Proud Of: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare On Veteran

We all tried it. Some of us even did it. But the general consensus is that it’s controller-throwing, keyboard-shatteringly difficult. From the infamous Prypyat mission to the insanely difficult timed tunnel mission, it is truly a mountainous task to finish the entire game on Veteran difficulty. Don’t even get me started on the Mile High Club *shudder*.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2169d ago

I don't know. The thing is...I've done this. I found Crysis on Hard Mode to be a lot harder than this.

victorGma212169d ago

Something to be proud of: All the trophies/achievements in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

MySwordIsHeavenly2169d ago

Lol. There's just NO FREAKING WAY a normal human being could do that.

PwnerifficOne2169d ago

I beat COD4 on Veteran twice after XBL deleted my COD Achievements because I wasn't connected to internet and my account was saved on someone else's Xbox. The only level that really gave me trouble was Mile High Club. I really do not see the point of this article, and it really should have been published 5 years ago imo.

FinaLXiii2169d ago

lol its not a big deal play cod classic or cod2 on veteran.

Intentions2169d ago

CoD 2 is like =O.

CoD 4 wasn't really that hard, sure its harder than all the games after CoD 4 but still.

lastdual2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

I remember hating that part where you had to defend MacMillian while waiting for the chopper. The rest of the game wasn't too bad on veteran.

Soldierone2169d ago

Its not that hard....It just takes patience.

I've played many games, even FPS, that were way harder.....I kinda giggled when I beat MW2 and MW3 on Veteran to get the plat and people thought I was nuts for it....Its not that hard to me.

WeskerChildReborned2169d ago

Most games that have a hard mode take's patience. In good time, you should be able to beat a game.

kneon2168d ago

But after World at War the cod games got much easier. MW2 and BLOPs where hardly any more difficult on veteran than they were on the default difficulty.

Soldierone2168d ago

I'll gladly admit WaW was somewhat challenging. It had slightly out dated game mechanics that made it harder.

COD4? Not really....It had some issues yeah, but thats where patience kicks in. Eventually the game will sort itself out and not screw you.

In terms of skill? It wasn't that hard, neither was BO, MW3, or MW2.....

kneon2168d ago

The main problem with WaW was the insane grenade spam. I don't know how many times I died because there were grenades on every side giving me nowhere to run. After WaW veteran mode on COD was a joke.

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The story is too old to be commented.