Gizmondo is coming back - it's official

Eurogamer has learned that failed handheld Gizmondo is indeed set to make a comeback.

The project is being driven by UK electronics design firm Plextek and former Gizmondo Europe director Carl Freer.

Eurogamer spoke to Plextek's technical director, Ian Murphy, this morning. When asked if it's true Gizmondo will return he replied, "That's correct, yes."

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Satans Cousin3743d ago

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Joey Gladstone3743d ago

Gizmondo, Gamecube, Virtual Boy, N-Gage, Jaguar, Colecovision, NeoGeo, Turbograpix, 3DO,Saturn, 32X, SNK Neo Geo Pocket,Vectrex, CDi, Wonderswan, Sega CD.........
..... quote the great Samuel L. Jackson "They deserved to die, and I hope they burn in Hell"......

..."The JOEY has Spoken"