My Updated Thoughts on Wii U

Adam writes, "With Nintendo’s next home console, Wii U, the gaming giant is taking major steps to ensure that the Wii U is a device people interact with daily and a device that keeps up with today’s hot trends. While the Wii introduced video games to millions of people who never considered playing video games before, the Wii failed in making video games a regular part of life for most of these people. The Wii U’s new controller combined with the ability to play today’s powerful HD games and stream HD movies ensures that the Wii U will stay relevant to any kind of person that owns one."

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remanutd552195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

is the Wii U a next gen system? i dont think i will be getting one at launch date because the launch line up is looking mediocre in my eyes but if Nintendo bring exclusive games that catch my attention then yes i will get it for sure

PopRocks3592195d ago

Not to be snarky, but I think now you understand how I felt about the Vita's launch line up. It had a large number of games, but none of them I really cared for.

Skateboard2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

It depends on what you are into. Sorry the Vita doesn't have Zelda or Mario games.

@ Poporocks

Cool, the Vita doesn't have those games. Are you interested in ACIII Liberation ?

WeskerChildReborned2195d ago

True, their was nothing really that fun IMO when it launched and the only games i see interesting that are launching with the Wii U is ZombiU and AC3.

remanutd552195d ago

who are you? have we talked before? psvita launch line up was good better than this wii u crap and a lot better than ps3 crappy launch line up too anyways i dont care how you felt about psvita launch line up, this is about nintendo "next gen" lol console not sony's latest handheld device please stay on topic, i dont understand why everytime i say how mediocre the wii u launch line up is in my eyes other people come bashing other consoles, whats up with that?

PopRocks3592195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )


Ironically Zelda and Mario are not that high on my interest list at present. I'm looking more forward to Watch Dogs, ACIII, Aliens and Pikmin 3 at present.

EDIT: I suppose I would if I had a Vita. It's not of particularly great interest to me since I don't intend to buy a Vita until after more games and a price drop and because I'm already getting ACIII.

I at least give them credit for not making another fucking PS3 port for the platform, since, you know, those are REALLY selling the platform right now. /s


You gave your two cents, I gave mine. I couldn't help but draw a few similarities between your stance on the Wii U launch games and my stance on the Vita's. Sorry that offended you so much.


I'm sure there will be. It's a big budget console, so I imagine more stuff will be announced soon enough. The 3DS' software momentum started off sluggish and now we're getting a large slew of games come the end of the year. Starting with Kingdom Hearts next week.

WeskerChildReborned2195d ago

Yea i'm also looking forward to picking up Aliens as well as AC3 and ZombiU. I have a feeling their will be more games being announced, well i hope so.

victorGma212195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

"Not to be snarky, but I think now you understand how I felt about the Vita's launch line up. It had a large number of games, but none of them I really cared for."

You forgot to include the PS3 and x360 because WiiU is going to have a better lineup than those two system as well.

PS3 exclusive at launch:

PS3 third party games:
-Lots of PS2/GC/xbox1 ports (COD2, Tony Hawk etc) and only a few new games that would release for all the consoles.

WiiU exclusives at launch:
-Pikmin 3 (unique strategy game)
-NSMBU (popular game)
-ZombiU (true survival horror with unique elements)
-Rayman Legends (fun multiplayer elements)
-Nintendo Land (good for the casual players)
-LEGO City Undercover

WiiU Third party games:
Some current gen games (just like PS3/x360 had PS2,GC annd xbox1 games) and games that will be released in the future for all the platforms (Assassin's Creed 3, Darksiders 2, Aliens etc).

hmmm looks like the PS3 launch line up was mediocre for remanutd55.

Hisiru2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

ARE YOU FUC*ING STUPID? Can't you stop trolling? Are you going to troll EVERY WiiU article? Stop acting like a child lol. And as people already showed, WiiU is gonna have much more exclusives and games at launch than PS3 and x360

Geez, that's why I hate N4G, it's full of kids, haters and fanboys who loves to talk trash about the other consoles. I am tired of people saying bad things about Vita or WiiU (which is not even out yet). Grow up.

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Grimhammer002195d ago

While titles are important. Arguably the most important.

Consider functionality and history. Theirs mounting evidence that Ninny just don't get mp competitive gaming. Or any online gaming. They make no secret that they are unwilling to compete with LIVE or PSN. They also have said they won't compete for third party exclusivity. Given the history of Nintendo....I can't buy a machine that will offer me 4-5 titles in the entirety of its life cycle. Once you've played out a 1st party game....where you gunna go?'ll have Ubisoft and some EA titles....but it's very clear (with current info) that third party devs are playing a wait and see approach to wiiU.

Then theirs the mature rated games....gta5. Saints 4, sleeping dogs (I'm guessing)......your not likely to see these titles on wiiU....unless ninny suddenly is willing to alter their prestige family image.

remanutd552195d ago

its not even that, you went too far, where are the freaking games? all the games they have announced and showed and its pure crap all i see, one decent game and thats about it, i sense wii all over again, even though they have said this time they will cater to the hardcore gamer, didnt they say the same thing last gen too? bah i went to buy my wii on launch date thinking i was gonna get the games, only game i got was Zelda Twilight Princess, beat it and never used the system again, gave it away long before Skyward Sword came out.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice..., that aint happening this time, i need to see the games first before i buy the console ( even though in my eyes that thing is not next gen for obvious reasons) i will buy it if they bring at least "2" ( im not asking that much ) just 2 NEW games that catch my attention

WeskerChildReborned2195d ago

ZombiU, Aliens, and AC3 don't have a "family image" yet they are still gonna be on Wii U.

stragomccloud2195d ago

Gamecube had Eternal Darkness and all of the Resident Evil games up to 4, including an exclusive remake and RE0. Wii has had 2 entries in the Fatal Frame franchise published by Nintendo... though have unfortunately not come stateside.Not to mention House of the Dead Overkill, the No More Heroes franchise, Calling, and Night of the Sacrifice(Not released in the US either).... Not exactly family image.

remanutd552195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

ok for the kid that keeps sending me private messages but blocked me so i cant answer back , please stop if you blocked me stop sending me messages, im sorry if im going to be off topic here but i need to answer his messages

first of all, let me tell you something about my gaming decisions, i didnt buy a ps3 on launch day because of Resistance Fall of Man, i bought it because i knew at some point of the console life Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5 and the next team ICO masterpiece were going to come out on the system, i have played 3 out of those 4 games and they are among the best the system can offer, i still have to play my most anticipated title this entire generation: The Last Guardian. But along the way sony created so many new games, franchises like Flower, Journey, Fat Princess, Little Big Planet, my beloved Motorstorm, inFAMOUS, Uncharted, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain and they are still bringing big new IPs like Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us, they have earned my ps4 investment without hesitation.

Nintendo on the other hand, oh my lord, i bought my Nintendo Wii on launch date with Zelda Twilight Princess just to beat the game and never used the system again, i waited way too long for the games to appear and all i saw was casual crap games, i ended up giving away my wii to my little nephew way before Skyward Sword came out ( which btw i still have to play) so fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, nintendo need to show me the games before i make the investment in their so called " next gen" console lol (which btw in my eyes is not for obvious reasons) but i dont care about that i just need to see at least 2 exclusive New experiences that catch my attention to buy the system, i grew up playing on Nintendo consoles, i was a nintendo fan before i started to game on sony's consoles but they have dropped the ball and it seems to me that they are still doing it. but i got to tell you Zombie U looks good i hope to see something else from Nintendo.

and please if you blocked me stop sending me private messages. you don't do that when you know the other person cant answer back, is like punching someone when they are giving you their back, thats a cowardly move.

stragomccloud2195d ago

Wow. So... you either have all the specs down, or don't understand the definition of next gen. Oh, and FYI, every console has greatness to offer. For me this generation the Wii actually offered the most interesting content. It was so much the copy paste efforts of the FPS genres seen so much elsewhere. That said, I am a proud owner all current generation consoles and handhelds, save for the Vita, and an awesome gaming rig, and they all offer something amazing. As soon as the memory cards for Vita comes down I'll be getting one too by the way... It might not know what great content lies in wait, but I know there will be great content.(Besides the great stuff that is already announced).

remanutd552194d ago

well i havent seen any game that looks like a significant upgrade from current HD consoles on the WiiU and yes i did enjoy Zelda Twilight Princess on the wii but that was it, i didnt get no other game , i wanted to get paper mario and mario strikers but they are the same games as other past generations, Zelda i love the rest not anymore, you talked about first person shooters? well i only like a few, resistance, killzone and MAG, my favorite genres are action/adventure, platformers and racing , genres in which the ps3 excels and yes i'm waiting to see the great content that lies ahead for the wiiu because this time zelda alone wont do the trick, i need to see the games first then i will make the investment, no new exclusive game experiences from nintendo no wii u for me.

sheardude2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

As the guy who wrote this article, I totally get what some of you are saying. The Wii U may have plenty of 3rd party ports, but it will have more exclusives than the Xbox 360 and PS3 had combined had at their respective launches. As you have read or will read, I got my hands on games such as ZombiU, Rayman Legends, New Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand, and more. I had a blast with all of them and those are just a few of the exclusive titles the Wii U will receive at launch.

Also, third party games have the potential to be better on Wii U thanks to the enhancements the Wii U GamePad can provide. I'm personally holding off on Assassin's Creed III and waiting to get it on Wii U simply to have the bigger map on the GamePad and a much more accessible menu system.