GI - Will Wright: "Console guys are running scared"

GI - The legendary designer shares some thoughts on game design and the industry.

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ATi_Elite2228d ago

More so the Publishers who have very little experience dealing with Digital Distribution, Cloud, MMO's, and F2P!

Sony has a PC Gaming division and they are already on top of each of these new business models so they are good! They just bought Gaikai (Cloud), they already have MMO's (Everquest) and F2P (Planetside2)! Sony also has integration with the PS3 and Vita!

Microsoft: Same thing they have a PC division and it's nothing for MS to buy the people, patents, or companies it needs to get up to speed and make some dollars.

Nintendo: They have NO CLUE!! I think they are just stuck in the middle and don't know which way to turn. Ninty has been on top of it's game for like forever but with such a rapid and drastic Tech change the Mario Bubble may Burst. They gotta stop being the "little Kid System" and grow up and get with the Integrated Online times.

If Nintendo was on point they would of gotten Mario on the iPhone before the Hackers did. Nintendo is definitely playing catch up to the new tech.

WeskerChildReborned2228d ago

I think Sony buying Gaikai is a good future for the PS4 or the next gen Playstation.

N4g_null2228d ago

F2p will expose story gaming for what it is a bubble. Cloud accounts are ready cloud gaming is not. Nintendo has always had a kind of f2p model. You buy their system and get Mario almost for free. Pack ins have that effect. Demos are a sub set of that but games must have an interactive hook.

Strong franchises will balloon from the f2p idea simply because they are addictive.

Cloud gaming is a function for eye candy and that isn't a driving force in gaming yet, it is a welcomed addition but many devs can not afford it. Design works better off limits rather than potiential fueled by money.

Sony needs better writers of interactive stories and power than the normal cash strapped gamer can own. Then they need to figure out how to survive the arcade. The f2p model is basicly the same Eco system as the arcade. Games must attract and capture attention. Game play is king here since it eats time. Graphics attract but the cat will be out of the bag for Sony and ms.

Nintendo has 16 million sellers, wii play could go f2p and make angry birds silent. Bloom blox could do the same.

Then comes the cloud... You do realize there was a satellite Nintendo enabled system? They played with these ideas before. Many have forgotten these things simply because of the flood of negative media.

Cloud gaming is the tip of the iceberg, there are many creative gaming buisness models that are way more powerful.

If the problems are addressed I can see them all winning but following the uber power model only leads to an snk, sega, Atari like collasp. Gamers are funny, many claim to be loyal but that simply is not possible it is only entertainment.

Sony needs to be very careful, before they had third parties, not so now. Before they could leverage tech the made not so now, they had backing from other parts of the corp, those have fallen. Nintendo had similar problem and then every one turned on them. If Sony can foot the power bill their fans are expecting we will see fall out.

Ms could easily turn every windows pc into an Xbox hub with unified accounts all powered by gpus and CPUs beyond consoles reach, so the power game is very dangerous. We all know the os kills the pc platform what happens when it doesn't ?

Death_Grin482228d ago

Nintendo is in their own league. They never wanted to put Mario in the iPhone. That's stupid and degrading. Not all their games need to have online either because they'll turn out great on their own.

Let the other companies continue to "catch up" to please the simple crowd; Nintendo will continue to do their own thing.

Dojan1232228d ago

For the most part I agree with you. However, Nintendo being a kid system can work for them. I buy my kids (3 girls) a number of Nintendo products. So do a lot of parents.

My kids do not play hardcore games but I spend as much money on them as I do for PC gaming (via Steam) and the PS3 (via Plus/PSN)for me. Of course every few years I out spend my kids gaming habit when I am building / Upgrading my PC.

Boody-Bandit2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I stop reading and busted out laughing at legendary designer. I really wish guys like this would just do their jobs, designing games, and less media attention seeking.

jadenkorri2228d ago

i hate the idea with cloud gaming, cause even a lot of places internet is not guaranteed let alone if it just goes down, u can't play any games. im personally still on buying disc based games as you don't need internet to play the game. Let alone, my provider has a bandwidth cap, if games are quite large your gonna spend more money not just for the game, but all the bandwidth you use for dling the files required each time you play it.

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SilentNegotiator2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


Oh, Will. Go make Sims 10, SimCity 500, and what....Sim Meat Packing Plant? Or Spore 2....ppfffttt HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Another 90s rockstar spewing garbage. Sony buying a streaming company doesn't mean Console gaming is coming to a close. Sony already has their hands in the cookie jars of console, PC, mobile, and handheld gaming. Them ADDING streaming means that they're keeping on top of potential platforms. Goofy old man.

"Q: Peter Molyneux said that for 22 Cans he's trying some small experiments to test out design ideas.
Will Wright: I like that idea as well. I think that more and more we can learn from our audience almost while we're still in development. As a designer I find that to be kind of attractive, because so frequently you come out with something and maybe it's a hit and maybe it's not"
LOL, fan of another aged star. Figures. He looooves the idea of throwing things at the wall until something sticks......since he doesn't understand the audience any more. Not like that should be something a game developer should keep a finger on the pulse of or anything. /s

CarlosX3602228d ago

Console guys are not running scared, Will Wright.

inbetweener2227d ago

I'd wager console guys do very little running.

zeal0us2229d ago

F2P existed in the last generation and have increase this generation but I doubt it got Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft scared.

Khordchange2228d ago

If f2P ever becomes bigger than what it is(which it won't, because they need to make profits), what makes you think nintendo, sony, and microsoft wont make their own F2P games?

nolifeking2228d ago

Sony already has one in the pipe, with potential others. They seem to see where things may be heading.

Khordchange2228d ago

and the rest of the post I said "what makes you think nintendo, sony, and microsoft wont make their own F2P games?"

So i did agree with you. Read the entire post

And no, I don't consider it free to play if you have to pay a subscription or pay for weapons and features.

MySwordIsHeavenly2228d ago

DC Universe Online and Free Realms are from Sony and they're already out...

rdgneoz32228d ago

And Dust 514 is in beta and coming out in a bit.

"And no, I don't consider it free to play if you have to pay a subscription or pay for weapons and features."
DC, Free Realms, and Dust 514 don't have subscriptions. The part about paying for weapons or features, most free to play games make money by having you pay for something. Whether its unlocking stuff early or giving you a boost leveling up.
If they're not making you pay a subscription, the cash shop is the only way they're gonna make money.

Farsendor12228d ago

game developers and publishers do make money from f2p games.

Dojan1232228d ago

Disagree about the profit part - Value is making a killing off TF2. People can make money with F2P if they have the right following

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mike1up2228d ago

Running all the way to the bank.

Moby-Royale2228d ago

In the immortal words of Doctor House:

Ah snap.