Valve – “Mod teams were building better games than us”

Steam wasn’t designed to be a storefront, but as a way for Valve to compete with the speed and flexibility of mod teams, after they decided to start modelling the way they work on small scale amateur development teams.

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Hufandpuf2200d ago

I just hope that they don't think that the modding community is supposed to make Half Life 3 for them.

StayStatic2200d ago

lol indeed , a combined effort would be interesting though :D

Trenta272200d ago

If HL3 gets mod support directly from Steam, just as Skyrim does, that game would be...I can't even put it in words...

Flavor2200d ago

I remember back when counterstrike and day of defeat were updated regularly with new maps and content, or just new things the mod developers wanted to try out.

After they were bought up by valve and CS source was released, it is a 'dead' game, along with day of defeat, just in stasis with no new updates or changes.

Hufandpuf2200d ago

I think both games are fine the way they are.

papashango2200d ago

must all be working on tf2