Is the Violence Getting Worse

Violence in schools?

There is a lot of speculation in consideration of the “violence in games,” but then again school systems want to insert games as part of their curriculum! Can you believe that? I mean they want to implement games like Railroad Tycoon or Simcity.

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310dodo2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Piss off
violence in games isnt the problem
if kids act out or playing M games...
its the parents fault!!

when N64 was out my mom would not let me own Turok
because it was M
is she a evil mom? no!!!!
i was 10!!!!

now that I am over 21 I buy what I want
but I thank my mom for trying to "parent" me

WeskerChildReborned2317d ago

I've been playing rated M games since i was young and i didn't ever think of doing any of the things.

mep692316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Eh ? Two disagrees ?? 2 people doubt your murderous impulses lol

I don't know how you can disagree with that though :/

I played and watched 15's and 18's when i was 9 and I'm fine.

Most problems are usually caused by the child's background, aslong as they know it's wrong they will turn out fine. If they have bad parents that are uncaring things may not turn out so well, just depends on their psyche.

lastdual2316d ago

Don't trust the Wesker Child. He's clearly planning to infect us all with a bio-terror weapon.

(it's because daddy Wesker let him play M-rated games)

Tonester9252317d ago

I've been trying to preach this for a while. That's just like when the News tries to say that Rap music makes kids go out and shoot people.

I've been listening to Rap since I was born and I've never wanted to kill anyone because I was raised correctly and I have morals.

I remember when my mom said that I couldn't play GTA 3 because you could pick up prostitues. I didn't even care for all that (even though I picked up a few....just to get health though!) lol

The thing is video games do not alter your mind to do evil things if you have a strong and independent one.

I hate when I turn on the news and see "Violence in Video Game Causes *Blah Blah Blah*"

Now that I'm 21 and I look back at the games that I've played when I was younger, GTA 3, Carmageddon, Mortal Kombat, etc.. I realized that I'm maybe more resilient to Graphic/Bloody content. Where someone else would close their eyes and run, I would stay to see what happened. Maybe violent video games made me tougher?

aliengmr2317d ago

Disagree with only the last part. Game violence and real violence are 2 different things. Folks tried to say that video games were used in the military to desensitize soldiers to violence. This is false. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can reproduce real life violence, and the taking of a life. To try and equate the two is beyond ignorant. (that remark isn't directed at you Tonester, so take no offense.)

Tonester9252317d ago

@aliengmr No offense taken but what I meant by that I can watch something on Ogrish (or whatever it's called) Ex: someone getting beheaded, and the video won't stay in my mind for the rest of the day. I won't be traumatized or have to take sleeping pills to be able to go to sleep. Or I can watch "Scary Movies" and the sight of the blood and killings won't make me nauseous.

NOW yes in real life, face to face with a situation it's a way different thing. I mean't graphic/bloody content in media not in life.

I don't know how I would react if I seen someone in real life get beheaded or blown up by a grenade and I was there.

crimsonfox2316d ago

Video games don't make you tougher in real life. That's just stupid

Ser2317d ago

^ This man has the right of it. Well said.

Lord_Sloth2317d ago

Nope. I play some of the most violent games around but I'm generally a very meek person.

2316d ago
NYC_Gamer2317d ago

The world has always been filled with violence way before video games existed

stevenhiggster2316d ago

Long before that as well, in books, art and plays. People just like to pick on video games because its an easy target which they don't properly understand.

Kurt Russell2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

More like as in war... War has kind of been around a while, about the same time as humans I would hazard a guess. Video games, movies and books have nothing to do with war - only greed and self titlement does.

Lord_Sloth2316d ago

Ever hear of Gladiators?

Danniel12317d ago

Maybe children are more vulnerable to suggestion from violent video games; unfortunately there is an almost complete lack of serious research around the concept just conjecture by journalists and the political right.

Video games aren't MORE violent in my opinion just graphically more detailed, Mortal Kombat was letting me rip spines out decades ago it just looked like shit.

I certainly don't like the concept that video game violence should be toned down, if people are worried about their children being exposed then don't let them purchase games outside their age range. That is the responsibility of a parent.

fallacious2317d ago

I think the real question is: Is the journalism getting worse?

HonestDragon2317d ago

Totally agree with you. I think that this guy is riding a bandwagon that has long since been disbanded. Sure you get blips of idiots who try to blame movies, television, and video games for violent outbursts in society, but the evidence that comes up results in the person or persons involved to be mentally disturbed or should have been on medication.

It's like they are trying to show that human error isn't real or that we can't think for ourselves so we let pop culture do that for us. Just a bad article overall.

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