10 Thoughts on… the Resident Evil 6 Demo

DiehardGameFan writes: Well, purchasing Dragon’s Dogma provided me with a code to download an early Resident Evil 6 demo, and while that apparently wasn’t a very good sales tactic (considering the game tanked), I wanted Dragon’s Dogma to begin with, so I figured I’d spend some time telling you about the Resident Evil 6 demo.

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WeskerChildReborned2196d ago

Ima try for myself before i judge it. Though i'm hoping at least it's interesting and fun.

user54670072196d ago

I think this will be the first game this year where I know the outcome regardless of playing's just horrible. Although I've played the demo so that kind of counts.

Anyway for people who havent played the demo but "want to give it a try" just please...wait untill after it's release. Just trying to help you save your money, lets not forget you will also hit Capcom where it hurts at the same time. :)

WeskerChildReborned2196d ago

Yea, i wasn't really gonna plan on buying day 1 unless it was the edition that come's with RE 1-6 since it's pretty much a good deal but yea, ima check out the demo first.

Pozzle2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

I gotta admit, I'm interested in hearing what reviews will end up saying about RE6. Especially since so many previews seem to range from "meh" to "hate it".

Not that I rely on reviews for my game purchases or anything. But after RE5 received so much praise from critics, I'm kinda curious to see if RE6 will have the same sort of response.

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Kratoscar20082196d ago

this game will be good but it will kill forever the legacy that RE has build in years of good SH games.

user54670072196d ago

"Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper’s mission seems geared toward the “jump scare” structure of the older games in the series, as the demo offers virtually no combat, focusing on game world structure, lighting and ambient noise to create a “scary” environment that… actually works fairly well. "

Don't, just don't

It's nothing like the old games. I played through Leons campaign without a care in the world. Why give Capcom credit where it's not due...I think it's wishful thinking on his part. He does say he's the "Resident Evil Guy"

I think a lot of reviewers want to "think" Capcom are trying to appeal to old fans when really they arn't. Wake up and smell the roses guys, Leons campaign is basicaly the same as what Chris's campaign was in RE5. They probably used the only level in the game where they've "tried" to be scary.

Pozzle2196d ago

Sad, but true. The Leon segment wasn't bad per se, but it needed to feature more than just walking around. Walking around in a dark building while nothing happens =/= horror.

I will give Capcom credit though...the design of the mansion was absolutely beautiful, and if utilized properly it could be a genuinely creepy and scary setting. But it really needed some scares or atmosphere or SOMETHING. Zombies banging on windows, dogs jumping through doors, Crimson Heads running full-blast at the player from the end of a hall...ANYTHING!