Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC Officially Announced, Coming on July 17th in Origin, Xbox LIVE and PSN

DSOGaming writes: "The human race faces extinction as the war rages on in our backyard! Fight for humanity’s survival in the latest installment of downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer! Available to download at no additional charge*, Mass Effect 3: Earth adds three new maps based on three key cities in the galactic war – London, Vancouver and Rio De Janeiro."

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ninjahunter2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Interesting, I think by the time this has come out ile consider buying mass effect 3 because its not as much of a cash grab anymore.

Edit: Scratch that, still full price for a digital copy.

WeskerChildReborned2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Just buy a new physical copy or used one.

ninjahunter2172d ago

I shouldn't have to, Especially on PC, digital copies are cheaper to make and bring more revenue to the developer even at half price than a full priced game at the store. Its embarrassing that i should have to a third party to get a game cheaper than direct from the source.

Panzerkanzler2172d ago

Ninja: Don't be retarded, please. If the developers would sell the game for 30-50% of the price that retailers did, do you really think retailers would carry that game at all? Of course they wouldn't, and that's the reason why digital copies remain so very expensive. Mostly there is no reason at all not to get a physical copy instead. Which IS kind of sad.

danimitsu2172d ago

just purchase it and enjoy. no need for overthinking this particular issue v