N4G Featured Blog: City of Steam - A Phoenix Rises Out Of The Ashes Of The MMORPG Universe

Sephris writes, "While this may come as a shock to my adoring pawns, there are things I love. I love the distant screams of the tormented. I love duct taping small animals to ceiling fans. And I love when independent game companies come to me to write a review of their game alpha or beta. Why? Because they need me to make their crappy game look good. And nothing is more satisfying than a grown man groveling. So when I was asked to review the browser based game City of Steam I came with a contract for their souls. I figured I would probably find one nice thing to say about their game if they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. And I could feel their need drip like a leaky faucet into my basin of acceptance as I logged into the alpha version of their game. And as the game opened I began to chuckle with demented glee, dreaming of all the hoops they were going to have to jump through for me. But my laugh was cut short as the world they created was opened up to me and everything...

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Emilio_Estevez2081d ago

Is this some sort of new thing you guys will be doing? I can't say I've ever seen a featured blog.

Sephris2081d ago

I think this was just something special they did because of how phenomenal the game already is and will be when it comes out. My overegotistical character aside, I REALLY had a lot of fun playing City of Steam. It will be something I will personally play when it comes out. It will be the game I will be playing when I am not playing games...if that makes sense. The one I will devote my free time to. It's just that good.