Five HD Collections I’m Waiting Patiently For

GamerFitNation: This generation of gaming seems to have turned into the generation of HD remixes and collections. After the God of War Collection was initially released and had much success fans wanted to see more, and it seems publishers and developers said “Hey, Why not?” The rampant slew of collections that we have seen in past years have seen some timeless classics reborn and updated in HD.

HD Collections already exist for games like Metal Gear Solid, Prince of Persia, God of War, Jak and Daxter, Zone of the Enders and my personal favorite the much anticipated Ratchet and Clank trilogy. However, there are a few HD collections that – while not yet officially announced – I feel will be made eventually.

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LiamDirish2202d ago

Kingdom Hearts HD Collection. I have a bad feeling this will never happen.

Moby-Royale2202d ago

I wanna see Ansem's monologue in high-definition.. :(

One day my friend. One day.....

WeskerChildReborned2202d ago

This and some GTA HD games would be awesome!

MasterD9192202d ago

Here's to hoping for Oddworld HD collections!

MeatAbstract2202d ago

Zelda HD Collection if just begging for it.

ElasticLove2202d ago

Dark Cloud HD Collection
Destroy All Humans! HD Collection

WeskerChildReborned2202d ago

Destroy All Humans would be sweet!

0pie2202d ago

zelda will never come in hd since the Wii isnt hd.

Moby-Royale2202d ago

The ps2 was not in hd.

Yet the GOW collection is....

Hmmm.. No, yeah you are totally right...



omarzy2202d ago

or just release it on the Wii U that launches this year?

0pie2202d ago

it would be logic but still... Im not gona pay for something i once paid for. I hate all of these "hd remaster"

What i would love is a real hd remake done with the wii-u capabilities, not just a hd remastering of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.