What Microsoft's New Patent Tells Us About Xbox 720

IGN - A patent that Microsoft filed late last month has emerged, providing new insight into what the company may be aiming to accomplish with its next console.

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Dante1122143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

"Most notably, a Kinect-like system described in the patent could sense the depth of a room. The patent specifically states that a “camera component” (likely Kinect) could “include a depth camera that may capture a depth image of a scene” and use infared light “to determine a physical distance from the capture device to a particular location on the targets or objects in the scene.” In simpler terms, the camera can tell how far away objects are, allowing it to understand its distance from a wall, coffee table or any other barrier that can affect play."

I thought MS said they were gonna make the 720 specifically for hardcore gamers, with the Kinect 2.0 as a side option for the casual? I don't know if I'll be buying the 720 now. Reading through, it seems like they're going the multimedia route with their next consoles, video game specs were hardly mentioned. Their going the motion control route next gen.

Mikhail2143d ago

Makes you wonder if a bulk of cost for the next xbox will be for kinect 2.0. We should wait for more coherent news and not rumors/patent filings.

JBSleek2143d ago

No one is making a console specifically for hardcore gamers that is probably business suicide for consoles. And Kinect 2.0 doesn't only mean the casual crowd as it would probably be very much better than kinect allowing much better software.

PS3- Cheapest Blu-Ray on the market when it launched, multimedia device, linux support.

360- The entertainment hub. One stop trip for streaming all media.

You shouldn't be weary of a purchase of a next generation console because its sole purpose isn't to play games as no console does that anymore. You will have games I don't think you should worry and 90% games are third party anyway.

If I were you I would buy all three consoles as the generation has the potential to last till 2020 and you wouldn't want to miss out on the games from either of them and that you would be satisfied with all three choices.

nukeitall2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )


Actually MS hasn't said anything about the next Xbox at all!

However, including something you won't use doesn't exclude you being able to use other things.

Similarly providing a feature, doesn't exclude other features. A focus on some things doesn't exclude the focus on others.

You should actually wait until MS (or any other console manufacturer for that matter), release more information before making an *early* judgement call.

However, the speculation here is pretty exciting and sounds very futuristic.

That said, with MS recent acquisition of Perceptive Pixel, this would be super awesome with Kinect:


Actually there was a company that was making a headset to control games a few years back that I saw at the Game Developers Conference. It sucked ass though, but maybe has gotten better over the years.

I still have the free USB drive they gave me. That thing didn't work well either.

The company is called emotiv.

KongRudi2143d ago

Yup, I remember a crazy Sony patent wich you controlled the videogame console by thinking.
PS4 isn't gonna be controlled by brainpower due to that.

greenpowerz2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

No device can survive with out being a multi media hub in this day and age and I'm talking all electronic devices from cell phones to TV's. MSFT is a software company so It's no surprise they're trying to be the leader in this new market concept having the know how and experience.

I find it funny known PS3 fanboys always commenting first in 720 articles claiming they dont like the direction of a brand they despise in the first place. All this is at the same time enjoying these features and services on their preferred console. Folks simply envious and angry at the ambition of their hated company/console while nervously waiting for news on their own console. Insecure much?

You comment doesn't make sense. You admit you know about 720's leaked specs and then claim video game specs were hardly mentioned. Did we read the same leaked docs?

Based on rumor I know more about the 720 than Wii-u and PS4. I think the translation of your comments is: I hate that the 720 has powerful hardware that is designed to do great things all at once making it more competitive because I want my team to win and be #1 next gen.

Machioto2143d ago

Yeah,because people who supported MS in the beginning only want casual games and any criticism in the way they can't support both the core and casual crowd must be a undercover ps3 fan trolling,riiiight!

greenpowerz2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Sorry I'm not sure what you're getting at. I mentioned PS3 fans because based on comment history and seeing them troll 360 articles I've noticed those same people waiting to commet first to descredit the news. The notion that MS has and will continue to support something with a large fanbase and appeals to casuals(and core)gamers, is a rejection or neglecting core gamers is sour grapes at best. I think the hate comes from MS being able to do both demographics while Sony and Nintendo has only been able to do, one or the other with any respectable penetration. You're not going to convince gamers and 360 fans MS has left them behind when they play the most hardcore games every year and or holiday. What's coming out for the others guys this holiday? LOL


I'm not singling out anybody. I mostly only enter 360 articles. I dont really see 360 fanboys talking smack about MSFT for no reason. If one starts showing a rabid pattern in the articles and topics that I'm talking about I will call the anti-MSFT 360 fanboy? out as well lol.

Machioto2143d ago

@green you're singling out just one portion of fanboys they all bad and in every article to cause a raucous.

dcbronco2143d ago

The idea that Kinect 2 would be strictly for casual is silly. It will supposedly be able to see facial expressions and capture lip movements. And have the ability to track fingers. That would open Kinect to a more hardcore audience as well as new casual and even production features. Many seem incapable of looking past the present and seeing potential.

It seems that MS has enough sense to make the next Xbox a more full featured piece of hardware that the whole family can use and that can be used for more than one thing at once. That offers value, not limitations. People complaining about additional features probably carry a cellphone that has a camera, plays music, stores files and plays games. No one complains. They expect it. People that do complain are just fanboys.

Added features usually add little or no additional cost and take nothing away from core games. If you believe the PS3 still has a lot of power left, the next Xbox will be far more powerful. So there is no way you can believe it can't handle core games.

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bobshi2143d ago

If you saw the leak it is blatently obvious that this is not going to be a 'hardcore' console. It is going to be the only box you need for your living room.

That means Kinect. That means live TV. That means music and movie streaming.

Don't panic though, that doesn't mean gaming comes second and is an after thought that is a pile of poo - it'll no doubt be great for gaming, you'll just have all the frills with it.

dcbronco2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

The leaked document were of a machine estimated to have 6 times the power of the 360. If that is not for hardcore gaming, what is it for.The 360 can do all of the other things it showed. They would only need to add USB 2 or 3 for Kinect 2 and there would be no need for any other upgrades.

It's a old document that doesn't show what the eventual power will really be. The real power will be closer to 10-12 time the power of the current generation. And it will surely have more than enough power for anything HC for the next few years. And since the docs also talked about a cloud upgrade system and a modular build, it should be the last Xbox you need to buy.


Actually if you download the pdf file, it goes into a ton of detail. But he is clearly a fanboy using a time honored fanboy argument. One that has absolutely no merit.

2143d ago
bobshi2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Fan boy? Did you read my comment.

I didn't say it wouldn't be a hardcore machine. I said it will be a one-device-does-all box that incorporates Kinect, TV, music and movie streaming AS WELL AS being a strong gaming machine.

A 'hardcore' machine would not have Kinect, it would not have the bells and whistles. 100% of the power and cost would go on the gaming side of things.

I don't even have an Xbox, so how could I be an Xbox fan boy.


dcbronco2142d ago

Having Kinect doesn't mean it can't be a hardcore machine. That kind of thinking is retarded and is fanboy speak. A more powerful Kinect can be used for hardcore features. Stop looking at the current version and think about what it could be with more power. If you can do that. The limitations of the current version make it casual, but motion can be used for many things. This machine should have ten times the power of the current systems. That should make it more than capable of doing anything hardcore for many years to come.


I believe the new consoles will have ten times the power or better. At least one will be using AMD's HSA design. Most likely MS since they were a part of it's development. And as far as graphics go there is only so much more they can do and get it past the censors. There will be no FPSs with realistic brain matter from headshots. But the main push will be in AI and physics. Two things they wanted to address in the current generation. And the leak does state that the cloud would come for the 720 sometime after 2013.

The era of specialized boxes and ten things to work with are over. An all encompassing machine will be all there is in the future. That's why phones pushed MP3 players aside. All inclusive is the new hardcore.

bobshi2142d ago

You clearly didn't read my comment again.

I don't own an Xbox so I am not an Xbox fanboy.

Nor do I give two hoots about Kinect and if it is available or not.

I am FOR having Kinect and TV and movies all in one device.

You are missing the point completely.

If it is a hardcore gaming machine it would not be a multimedia centre. It wouldn't have the bells and whistles.

It would be a specs-to-the-heavens job where every single penny/dime went into making it the most powerful console it could be.

They wouldn't spend money on getting content providers to give you access to the latest NBA videos.

They wouldn't spend money on negotiating contracts with record labels so you can listen to the latest music.

A hardcore gamer's console would be a gaming console.

And again to refer you to my first comment IT WILL NOT BE A PANSY MACHINE.

It will be very good - we've all seen the leaked doc, but it will NOT be a hardcore gamer's machine.

Good specs? Yes.

Bells and whistles to make it a family living room device? Yes.

dcbronco2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

No one is saying you're an Xbox fanboy. I'm saying your silly Kinect means casual argument is the stuff of Sony fanboys. You're misinformed if you believe a console maker is going ball-to-the-wall on a console. They know that they will make more money with a machine that is close but not the most powerful. Sony made that stupid mistake with the PS3. It's a fools goal on consoles. Consoles get better with age. They eventual hit a practical ceiling, but they get better as developers get better with them.

PC gamers are willing to upgrade every 6 months or each year. That is usually why console gamers leave PCs. They don't want the constant compatibility issues. So what you aren't understanding is that what they are making according to the spec is a true hardcore machine. It will have plenty of power with room to grow and seemingly will be upgradeable. Graphics can only move so much further ahead. Physics and AI will be the difference soon. And the new consoles seem to be HSA based from the info that have leaked. OpenGL, Direct Compute and C++ AMP will lead to better physics and AI. And consolidated chip designs will lead to the ability to exploit those things.

You are stuck with the mentality that expensive is better. Technology allows for a cheap machine that is powerful. Maybe you didn't notice that the separate APU for the other features. The leak(and rumors) was old but in general it describes a top of the line gaming machine with a GPU that ranks in the top five available and will be modified. And a proprietary CPU. You do understand the parts have to be set sometime before release? When these machines were set late last year, these were the best parts available.

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greenpowerz2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I guess you mean you want to know the name brand of the chips etc?

" video game specs were hardly mentioned"

The the docs were leaked and were a outline of their plans. A new Kinect was outlined with new hardware. A so called lack of details in hardware used to cherry pick fanboy talking points sounds desperate. The docs outlined plans to improve Kinect and release a powerful new console that can multi task much better with dedicated processing.

What we know about the 720 was leaked and was never meant to be explained in detail to anybody. Why would MS go into detail? When it was for internal use in a broad brainstorm or planning stage. How is that proof of a all casual strategy when Kinect 2 was simply outlined as Mich as anything else in the docs. Most of Ms fanbase is core they're not going to drop them lol.

sjaakiejj2143d ago

In regards to your quote

"include a depth camera that may capture a depth image of a scene" - That's what kinect does

use infared light “to determine a physical distance from the capture device to a particular location on the targets or objects in the scene.” - And that's how it does it.

I'm not sure why they only now filed a patent for it. It's technically the same as the Kinect.

WeskerChildReborned2143d ago

Yea, let's hope they stick to the traditional controller still which is a must for the next console.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I will have xbox games on pc..
How did they miss the cloud gaming part?

2143d ago
lonesoul652143d ago

Every article about the 720 cant be specifically about games. They already have the patents in place for the gaming side...these new one are just covering extra things they are doing. Just wait and need to make rash decisions on something that is over a year away.

Redgehammer2143d ago

Ever since MS designed its own SOC, I have been enamored with the thought of 2 SOC's in the same console. I am looking forward to some factual, from the horses mouth, information on the next Xbox before I start posting links to " I called it" comments. Lol.

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