Why The Secret World's Not Like Other MMOs

IGN - It's been a week since I joined the Illuminati, and wow, those folks sure know how to make a person feel welcome. I mean, is there any greeting that's more personal and heartfelt than grafting a computer chip to someone's spine? And then I got an all-expenses paid trip to a zombie, fish monster, and Cthulhu-infested town in scenic seaside Maine – just because. But, while I've definitely been enjoying myself, The Secret World's servers have only been live for a week. So, for now, a full review's out of the question. Here, however, are my thoughts on what makes Funcom's deceptively innovative MMO stand out from the crowd so far.

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hilmart2227d ago

I played in one of the beta weekends and I found the combat really generic. It's very target based like in most MMOs.

I liked the missions, they were fun and the skill wheel is really cool and all, but I don't find it justifying the gameplay overall.

Just my opinion.

lordoftheflies2226d ago

sso loved to play this game in the beta, and now it makes much more fun ^^
quests are awesome, story is entertaining, and so on
got it there