Steam Big Picture Mode coming soon

Valve reveal that Steam Big Picture Mode will be with gamers soon

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DA_SHREDDER2018d ago

Turn any platform that can run steam into a console, brilliant. So next gen consoles should only be around the $199 price range by the time they are released considering you can get a sick gaming pc now for $350 or less.

Cdaja2018d ago

I'd love to know what you're putting into your "sick gaming PC" for 350 or less.

MiamiACR212018d ago

"Sick" as in unhealthy and practically useless for gaming.

decrypt2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

350usd might be a bit low, however there is no doubting you can get a 500usd PC that can run most games out today in 1080p 60fps.

Also people tend to forget, many of theparts bought for the PC are one time investmetns. For example:

Hard drives,
heat sinks.

These parts then tend to last a very long time. Hence in the future it becomes very cheap to upgrade the PC and make a new one. With console obviously there is no such option.

Hence if a 500usd pc can run most games out in 1080p at 60fps, thats also about the price that next gen consoles will be charging. Remember The PC does alot more than a console. Also remember the next console might not play all your old games. However a 500usd will play all your current games, hell it will even play 20 year old games, it will even play all old consoles, arcade games (anything aside the Xbox360 & the PS3 can be emulated).

Imo PC is the ultimate gaming machine.


People like to think that consoles are a one time investment 500usd at launch and you are done, thats not true. These consoles have proven they tend to fail after 3-4 years of running. Once they fail the entire box must be replaced. At the same time after 3-4 years of using a PC, the person may as well spend the same 300usd getting a new GPU/CPU and be ready with new tech.

Console gaming is for those who dont want to know too much about hardware and just want plug and play box. However in the long run they do end up paying more. They also are limited to old tech, no mods, limited controller support, expensive games etc.

MasterCornholio2018d ago

You mean sickly because a PC for 350€ can barely play any of todays modern games at the lowest settings.

bumnut2018d ago

$350!!!! That only buys a good graphics card. Did you mean shit gaming pc?

Primalfear2018d ago

A "sick" gaming pc for $350? LOL. You can get a pc for $350 that will play some games on the lowest settings possible. You CANNOT get a SICK gaming PC for $350.

SpecialK2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Actually Digital Foundry did some research into this and came up with a pretty decent set up for around £300.

Were not talking maxing out every game but it was playing all the latest games at better frame rates and far better resolutions than consoles every time.

I wouldnt go as far as calling it "sick" but playing games on pretty high settings way beyond consoles capabilities.

I doubt its very future proof but its definitely better than the "lowest settings possible".

Its really no surprise, this happens near the end of every console generation pcs are so far ahead that getting parts to run games that are optimized for both PCs and consoles has become relatively cheap =)

StayStatic2018d ago

Simply Awesome :D , been wanting this for a while , going to make the necessary preparations :)

Letros2018d ago

My HDTV is sitting right next to my PC desk hooked up HDMI, Big Picture Mode Ready!

SpecialK2018d ago

Sounds pretty good.

Got a pretty basic laptop but i run some old games on steam and liked how it simplifies PC gaming. Having something like this that makes PC gaming a little more streamlines and user friendly on a big TV and with a game pad makes building a gaming PC pretty tempting over a console.

Steams always leading the pack it seems, always bringing out the innovations at the perfect time.

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