Can the Ouya Compete with the PS4 and 720?

The Ouya has become a runaway success on Kickstarter, but can it succeed for real?

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Matt06112108d ago

Not a bad article, but seriously? Compete with PS4 and 720? I find that to be a stupid question.

HyperBear2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

This is the 21st century journalism at it's finest. Can an open-platform, mobile gaming enthused, $99 console, kickstarter project compete with the multi-million/billion dollar budgets and industry that the next Xbox and Playstaion will bring?

Definitely. /sarcasm

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

What if mommy wants to shut lil timmy up and get a console for him? Walk into the store and sees $100 Ouya vs $300+ ps4.

regardless I am happy this is happening! Corporations are training gamers to love and expect a closed platform.

Jourdy2882108d ago

As the writer of this article, sorry about that. I had to get some attention to the subject... But yeah, it's not meant to compete with the Nextboxes, it's in a different league altogether.

miyamoto2108d ago

That's alright Jourdy288 there are a lot of people here on N4G are blinded by a disease called "fanboyism."

They will keep denying stuff that is considered an attack to their comfort zone and childhood preference.

Anyways, the title should be Ouya against Apple, Microsoft, PC, Nintendo, Sony or everything else in the gaming industry.

This is reality.

fossilfern2108d ago

Its not even meant to be competition to the 360 and PS3 What kind of question is this? But I honestly cant wait for this me and a few friends are going to start making games for this if all works out right.

Congrats to them reaching just under $3million in under 2 days!

HyperBear2108d ago

They've actually just now passed the $3 million mark!

fossilfern2108d ago

lol I just refreshed the page and saw that! Wonder what they will do with all that extra money all they wanted was 950k!

Fat Onion2108d ago

These are just PLEDGES!

MacDonagh2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

There is clearly a demand for this device and it might get a decent share in the market. However, it'll take time for it to get off the ground and it really depends on the games that they have to offer that will prove the console's success or failure. It's far too early for it to compete with the giants just yet.

bobshi2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

They will have Android games. Enjoy Angry Birds and Shadowgun.

I'll just be other there playing some actual games.

Though don't get me wrong, for a mobile device Shadowgun and Dead Trigger are really decent but reading a lot of comments some people seem to think they're going to get all these amazing games, when all this is is a mobile device with a controller but no screen.

It isn't a new platform, it is Android with a nice looking market/home screen.

As such my concern would be, why would a developer want to NOT release a game to the Android market and only limit themselves to Ouya's market.

And as a result of that, if I have Angry Birds on my phone, would I really want to play it on the TV too?

The explosion of the mobile games market has come from its portability and mostly being able to dip in for five minutes at a time.

JBSleek2108d ago

Nuff Said.

But on a serious note you are passing massive judgement from a platform that hasn't even released yet.

MacDonagh2108d ago

They will also have F2P games available for it, as well as an open sourced game marketplace that will allow for creativity to be center-stage. Since I'm a bit of a fan of indie games in general; I fully support the idea of a console that will give these titles an audience that it deserves. It is far too early to write it off just yet.

bobshi2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Yeah - but what I'm saying is some people talk as if there will be amazing visual games that rival your triple A games of today.

But there won't be.

I mean take Dead Trigger. This game looks great on a phone, a tablet. It is a fun game. However, it doesn't have much depth to it.

Why? It is a mobile game that's designed for you to play at your leisure at the bus stop, on your lunch break etc.

The best you'll get on that front are ports of old triple A games, like GTA 3 and Max Payne which are available on Android currently.

If they can get some momentum behind those kind of releases they could be on to something.

Also, you mention open sourced marketplace - but this already exists. Anybody can publish an Android app or game to the Play Store.

And this is all this is. A custom Android marketplace.

Android sticks already exist that are the size of a USB memory stick from around 3 years ago, and cost around $70.

This is essentially a larger version of those.

This is where I see its true potential, not the gaming, but as a pseudo-PC.

For $99 vs. the current Android mini PCs at $70 the specs are superior. Not to mention you of course get the controller.

If your TV doesn't have a web browser, bang $99 you got one. If you're TV can't stream Netflix, bang $99 it can etc etc.

So, it has many good points, but I'm just fearful people are going to be a little disappointed with the games available.

MacDonagh, I don't think you will be as, as you rightly say it will likely appeal to those types of developers, but, those kind of games don't garner the mass appeal market and that is what is required.

I'd also like to add that this is open for imitation very easily. They are offering nothing unique besides their marketplace.

AngelicIceDiamond2108d ago

Considering the PS4 and Xbox 8 will be true dedicated game consoles. And Ouya is just an android based system that runs free 2 play games and is hackable. How good are the games are yet to be is yet to be determined.

If Ouya is successful then I can see a full blown F2P support for the the Xbox 8 and PS4 just to compete with it.

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