Street Fighter to Challenge Tekken this Winter

Triverse writes, "Capcom used to be the undisputed king of fighting games (back when Street Fighter 2 hit arcades, it was years before a serious contender hit). Tekken hit, while not the first serious challenger Capcom’s golden fist belt, it was still a change of pace for many gamers looking for something new. Now, years later, we have a dream match that could only have been dreamed of 15 years ago."

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Hozi2081d ago

"Street Fighter X Tekken is coming to the PS Vita (and more powerful home consoles- sorry Nintendo Wii)"

I thought this game came out on PS3 and 360 already

Skate-AK2081d ago

It did. They are just wrong and the Vita is the only one that hasn't launched,

triverse2080d ago

That was my mistake. Thanks for catching it. Glad people are actually reading the article.

NellyNel_7_1_32081d ago

When will we see Tekken x Street Fighter or (name change) Tekken vs Street Fighter?

Hozi2081d ago

Tekken vs SF is where it's at!

ChronoJoe2081d ago

With Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming soon and looking so good, I don't see myself getting Tekken x SF.