Quantum Conundrum PS3 review – Falling off the shoulders of giants OPM

It’s been discussed to death during the game’s development – “It’s from the girl who made Portal, you know”, “It’s a first-person puzzler – a bit like Portal”, “Doesn’t the Q in the title look a bit like a portal?” – so let’s just deal with it up front. No, this is not ‘the new Portal’, and no, sadly it isn’t up to the standard of either of Valve’s first-person masterpieces. It is, however, a lovingly created brainteaser with more than a few structural similarities, even if overall it lacks the narrative hook and top-of-the-class humour of its forerunners.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2224d ago

I agree. It is a phenomenal game, but it has the misfortune of being compared to Portal 1 & 2...two of the best things ever made by human hands.