I give your review a 2 out of 5

HEAVEmedia takes a closer look at the complicated relationship gamers have with video game reviews and reviewers.

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I give this opinion piece an 8.8

coolbeans2201d ago

You're just giving it that to drop the its average on metacritic.

Ben_Giff2201d ago

Nice job. I'm actually working on my masters thesis right now to examine the state of popular video game criticism.

popculturedude2201d ago

Thanks! Would actually love to read it. I'm sort of obsessed with the actual culture that surrounds our favorite hobby.

helghast1022201d ago

Abolish review scores.
Hire people that don't suck at videogames.
These things need to be done for reviews to ever be taken seriously by any sensible individual.

kungfuian2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

how about a review review site, where all reviews are reviewed by other reviewers and given aggregate scores, sub categories could be like informative, biased, verbose, well written, etc

something along the lines of a metacritic critic site