Angry Birds Trilogy will get Kinect and Move support, also hitting Nintendo 3DS

Activision has officially announced the next installment in the ‘Angry Birds’ franchise.

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MySwordIsHeavenly1863d ago

This has gone too far. I actually enjoyed Angry Birds when it first came out. It was a fun game.

It's getting out of hand though. There are better games out Cut The Rope, Cover Orange, or Save Toshi. :/

WeskerChildReborned1863d ago

The problem i have with this game is that they are gonna charge $40 for the trilogy. $40 when you can just get the games for free on Google Play.

LOGICWINS1863d ago

"Angry Birds Trilogy will get Kinect and Move support"

It's official...hell just froze over! Would have never imagined "Angry Birds", "Kinect", and "Move" to be used in the same sentence.

g-nome1863d ago

Is it too difficult to do a version for Vita?

WeskerChildReborned1863d ago

I have a feeling that someway, Angry Birds will come to the PS Vita.

Relice1863d ago

I have a feeling that someway, no games will come to the PS Vita anymore.

g-nome1863d ago

The next version should be Pigs revenge , trying to hit all those pesky angry birds with baseball bats out off the park. That should work well with the move controller.

dark-hollow1863d ago

The most overrated game in the history.

WeskerChildReborned1863d ago

It was fun when it came out but it got boring after probably a few hours to me.

Relice1863d ago

The most overrated are Halo, Assassin's Creed and Batman.

Shadonic1862d ago

Your crazier than then that guy who went nuts on bath salts if you believe that.

AusRogo1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I don't even want to know how much it'll cost in Aus..

@relice.. BATMAN!? what are you smoking, friend..

Relice1863d ago

I very like the movie about Batman, but the games are overhyped boring action for kids.