Namco Bandai Japan to blame for lack of Tales of Vesperia overseas?

According to a Namco Bandai Partners representative, Microsoft did not pay for any exclusivity surrounding Tales of Vesperia. That isn’t what held up a North American/European release.

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Lavalamp2196d ago

It'd be a shame if that was the case. Having the Vesperia team move onto other projects is certainly the most plausible reason for the refusal to localize. I think people tend to forget that most localizations require the original team's help in creating the localization and without them its a no go. Hence why that Grand Knights History localization got cancelled.

sinncross2196d ago

You do realise that most of the localisation had already been done via the 360 version.

What extra had to be localised could have been done by any one talented in the field, as they could use the current 360 material to ensure uniformity among whatever was extra.

Lavalamp2196d ago

Localization can't take place unless Namco Japan involve themselves with the project, that's just how they handle production. 8-4 could probably jump in at anytime, but they can't do diddly without consent and collaboration, regardless of the existing content that's been localized.

Blackpool2196d ago

Why won't Namco Bandai Japan localization it then?

TheDivine2196d ago

Who cares play it on 360. At least we got the darn thing here in the states many Tales games dont even make it over. It was also the best Tales games so far imo, hopefully Xillia will surpass it!

If your a fan of a series or genre you should have no problem buying a system for a or a few games. Go throw down 100 bucks and get a used 360 along with this, Magna Carta 2, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey. You wont regret it.

310dodo2196d ago

"If your a fan of a series or genre you should have no problem buying a system for a or a few games"

a sucker born every minute.
buy a completely new system for a few games?

lol you must be bill gates son

Hicken2196d ago

... those are usually called "system sellers."

How many people bought a 360 JUST for Halo? They all suckers?

I wanted my PS3 for FF and GT. Got my PS2 for FFX. Got my Vita for Gravity Rush. If I REALLY wanted to play Vesperia, I'd get a 360.

... however, it's not as if the game isn't ON PS3, so I'd much rather buy it for a system I own than buy a new system for it. If no PS3 version existed at all, it'd be different, like with Lost Odyssey.

But PS3 Vesperia DOES exist. I just can't read Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana well enough to play it in Japanese.

TBM2196d ago

i already played the game on my 360, but i want the ps3 version here because its the full upgraded version with all the stuff that was not in the 360 one.

TheRichterBelmont2196d ago

Sounds lazy. Shut up and take our money, Scamco.

TheColbertinator2196d ago

Tales of Graces F > Tales of Vesperia

Nuff said.

Deadpool6162196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

It would be great if we could all be the judge of that. Sadly, due to the localizing cluster of confusion, those of us who didn't get to play the game may never get know for ourselves.

TBM2196d ago

i played both and love them both.

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