Producer: Jill and Claire won't be in Resident Evil 6

During Capcom Summer Jam today, a fan (@butaco3) was able to ask Resident Evil 6 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi whether Jill Valentine and/or Claire Redfield would be in the game.

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Rai2200d ago

betting you its on DISC DLC.

WeskerChildReborned2200d ago

If it is, then it'll be sad but true. -.-

crxss2199d ago

they'll probably be DLC, definitely for Mercenaries mode (or whatever they'll call it for RE6)... but hopefully for single player as well

bwazy2200d ago

The reasons not to buy this game are climbing sky high.

LOGICWINS2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

You say that...yet we all know the mainstream will eat it up. I was watching UFC Munoz vs Weidman and there were at least four commercials of RE6 during the broadcast. The advertisement claimed the game would be "horrifying", but all they showed was over the top action scenes without hiphop/techno music in the background.

The game itself being action oriented doesn't bother me in the slightest. Ever since RE4, I knew this was the direction they were going to take the franchise. The issue is that this was a missed opportunity by Capcom to go all in and TRULY make the franchise action oriented.

A sophisticated version of the virus could have been dreamed up. This virus would kill off MOST people, but would be beneficial to people with a certain DNA strand(much like the Conduits in Infamous).

Instead of fighting monsters/semi-smart zombies...ud be fighting armies of superhumans like Wesker, resulting in Matrix style fights, Michael Bay car chases, and Uncharted like setpieces.

Each of the three campaigns would have had a different set of superhuman, with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Either way, if Capcom can deliver at LEAST a 30 hour experience that is enjoyable with an interesting story, developed characters, a variety of enemies, great setpieces and smooth gameplay..I'll have no problem picking up the complete edition.

Tdmd2199d ago

Boy am I glad you do not have a say In what happens with this franchise. As impossible as it might seems, you could acctually make it worst!!

bwazy2199d ago

Logic do you just somehow remake an account every time you get debubbled to death or something?

WeskerChildReborned2200d ago

It's like games these days that sound good, end up sounding bad after each thing is said/revealed about it.

DarkBlood2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

damn well theres always them appearing in resident evil damanation anyways (voice actors below this text)

Angela Miller - Laura Bailey

Steve Burnside - Sam Riegel

Ashley Graham - Carolyn Lawrence

Chris Redfield - Roger Craig Smith

Claire Redfield - Alyson Court

Sherry Birkin - Stephanie Sheh

Leon S. Kennedy - Paul Mercier

Sheva Alomar - Karen Dyer

Jill Valentine - Patricia Ja Lee

Ingrid Hunnigan - Salli Saffioti

Rebecca Chambers - Riva Di Paola

Ada Wong - Sally Cahill

Billy Coen - David Webster

*now awaits the film to be release on blu-ray since its completed*

Pozzle2200d ago

I hope Jill at least gets a mention. Is she still in the BSAA? Would the BSAA even let an ex-bioweapon work for them anymore? Is she still having problems with the virus inside her? Is there a reason she isn't working with Chris this time around? and so on...

DarkBlood2200d ago

your question might be answered in the next cgi movie

MWH2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

you know what that probably means? it means RE7 will not witness a new age, clean new story and new characters and a possible back to survival-horror, it means the same characters will be presented over again.

it's not entirely a bad thing but i think fans started to get tired and in dire need for change and variety even if this change means the good old.

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