Gaming Excellence: NHL 13 Preview

Gaming Excellence: If you're a hockey fan like me, the hyperbole being spouted forth by EA Sports' marketing team is absolutely deafening. While the company is fully committing to an all out marketing blitz like allowing the fans to vote for the cover athlete and claiming that the new additions to this years' game is the "gamechanger" we've all been hoping for, the developers have been quietly and surely making some very impressive improvements to their premier hockey simulation. Wouldn't you know it, after some hands on time with the title at EA's booth at E3, we can pretty much confirm they've succeeded, but good luck trying to explain that to any casual fans.

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negative1925d ago

Great preview - and it's exactly the vibe I've been getting about NHL 13. EA's hockey continues to get better!

plumber151924d ago

this it great now al they need to do is change the announcers .