Resident Evil 6: Where Do We Go From Here?

WC writes: Umbrella Corporation has certainly been busy!

And now the undead threat is deep into mainstream America and Resident Evil 6, which takes place both on American and Chinese shores, seems to illustrate exactly how bleak global security is looking in the Resi world. So what’s next? What else can Capcom possibly throw at us?

Maybe we’re jumping the gun a little, but we’ve not been able to stop ourselves from considering the possibilities. So without much more from yours truly, let’s get right to it as we explore what might be next for the iconic franchise.

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user54670072080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )


Keep the same characters, the same story and just start from the beginging.


Change things around in the mansion inncident so it leads to differen't outcomes in future games. You know what they change one small thing in the past and it changes everything in the future.

You basicaly make an alternaitve universe in RE and you keep people happy because your going back to what RE was all about. Not to mention it's basicaly the same as doing remakes of the old games.

Theres so many differen't scenrios they could do which would lead to differen't outcomes its amazing. The best ones would be that Wesker would still be alive, they can move away from all this Las Plagas crap and partner characters up with other characters. Leon/Jill...Claire/Barry...Chr is/Carlos or Carlos/Rebbeca.

WeskerChildReborned2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Yea, an RE reboot would be pretty awesome or a REmake but in HD.

DarkBlood2080d ago

are you suggesting a mass effect kind of outcome idea here?

user54670072080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Oh god no

Last thing we need is to have a scene where after talking to a ghost zombie you have the option to destroy the Umbrella base, control it or use it to become powerfull a BOW yourself. :)

I'm just saying they could tell the story again but take the game in a differen't direction...not us making the decisons but the developers.

Like for example

Wesker dosen't get stabbed by the Tyrant

STARS don't blow up the mansion, the zombie outbreak in the city happens sooner.

Leon arrives but the city is under quarantine, he goes in after Ada wong begs him to help her find her boyfriend. Claire goes along since her brother is still in the city but gets lost. Leon meets up with Jill

RE2 stars Leon and Jill instead while RE3 stars Barry, Rebbeca and Chris while they try to escape the city. They meet up with Claire in the end who is with Carlos.

Annette Birkin could escape herself with Sherry to appear in future RE games...maybe as a villain after being experimented on by Annette.

Maybe the Umbrella company dosen't fall in RE2, maybe the blame of the destruction of Raccoon City is put onto someone else and Umbrella is never suspected. Wesker would then still be just an employer to the Umbreller company and not some nutcase who wants to destroy the world.

RE4...Since Leon escaped with Jill she could join him in the secret serivce to protect the president. Maybe Umbrella who would still be in power finds out about the Plagas sample, see's it as a threat and sends a massive team to retrive it while destroying the rural village in the process. Killing everyone BEFORE they try and kidnapp Ashley.

Chris, Barry and Rebbeca would create a BSAA organizsation that later Carlos might join or Claire.

You see how by changing one thing you can create a differen't story. That was just off the top of my head aswell...theres so many other paths they could take.

DarkBlood2080d ago

oh ok well, makes sense, but one thing well few things but im just only going to say one thing

i dont believe the stars blew up the mansion it was a self destruct feature i guess you could say they should change that about the series in a reboot since its in pretty much every game up till re5

Kyosuke_Sanada2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I would also love in your idea for a reboot to make Elsa Walker an actual character or make her the protagonist in "New" Raccoon City.


how about doing it all over again but this time instead of blowing up raccoon city you keep it

WeskerChildReborned2080d ago

And they should include survival horror elements.


and make claire wear her hot biker girl custom

Rampaged Death2080d ago

Go back to RE4. It was a great mixture of survival horror and action shooter. RE5 went way OTT with the action. I'm really looking forward to the Leon part of RE6 though.

Roper3162080d ago

hopefully away along with Capcom

JAM_brz2080d ago

"Resident Evil 6: Where Do We Go From Here?"

I hope that Capcom ends the series forever and stop screwing Resident Evil.

For those who wants a reboot, I say: It´s better to keep the way that is, it´s possibly that Capcom make a reboot of Resident Evil 1 and change it to a Action Title. Someone has doubt of that?

DarkBlood2080d ago

can't really do much kicking ass in a mansion so they'd really change the story drastically in the reboot if that was the case