Why I'm more excited for "Xbox Loop" than Xbox 720

OXM's Edwin asks: can Xbox 360 gaming outlive Xbox 360?

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WeskerChildReborned2141d ago

"can Xbox 360 gaming outlive Xbox 360?"


Dovahkiin2141d ago

I'm assuming he means will people still play it once the next generation of consoles are released.

Rob Hornecker2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

In a word,YES! There are to many 360's out there and to many great games for it. I know some people that still own a PS1 and play it on a regular basis.

I have yet to hear anything about backwards compatibilty in the next gen systems and as new verisions of the current systems came out backwards compatibilty disappeared.

Kran2141d ago

Xbox Loop?

lol bad name

Xbox Infinity

Stansolo2141d ago

I really hope no one buys xbox720 and just keep playing on the current gen.
Its a great console the 360 and so is the ps3, I have both and love playing them and I'm quite happy with what I have got.
I hate to see great consoles get left behind.
Thing is things move on to bigger and better and I can't stop that.