Skyrim: Rags to Riches - Join Olaf on a quest for fame, fortune, and shoes

Can we get rich in Skyrim as an average Joe? No quests, no dragons - just hard work...

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GaryOak2199d ago

Good luck,Olaf! *Leaves without telling Olaf that he will need another 11000 gold to buy tables and chairs*

TopDudeMan2199d ago

Wow, good luck with that!


Good luck Olaf!!! I wish you all the best..

My man, while he is good at heart, he has done most things in his power to become truly feared by all.

when you are the Dragon Born, Vampire lord Imperial who is blessed with an ability to find money where ever he looks, life is not as hard anymore.

He is also a master wizzard, master swordsman, master archer... If you saw him walking down the street in whiterun you would cross the other side, lol.

I do love the game and the fact that there are sooo many different ways to play it and you can challenge yourself to play it however you like.. there just arn't enough hours in the day to play it as much as I would like.

I really wish they allow you to reset the skill tree at least just once at some point in the game. when you have put in 200+ hrs into the game I would like to experience other ways of playing the game through different skills without having to play a whole new game for another 200 hrs.

can't wait to see what they do on next gen consoles.