Sequel to Batman: Arkham City – Amendments and Anticipations

Besides being absolutely overwhelmed with Arkham City, there were still a few things I had wanted to see in Arkham City. But Rocksteady thought otherwise. Let’s take a look on what I had in mind.

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Elderly_Cynic2172d ago

I can't help but wonder if the rumors of a JLA prequel are true. Could even Rocksteady make Aquaman interesting..?

InTheLab2172d ago

I know. The people that continue with that running gag of Aquaman being terrible probably have not read the comics in over a decade.

These people should at least read Flashpoint before they judge modern day Aquaman.

Hassassin2172d ago

Animated series aquaman was awesome

JellyJelly2172d ago

I want them to do something with another superhero. Deadpool would be cool, and make for an interesting story.

Whitefeather2172d ago

They're owned by WB which owns DC as well so I don't know how possible that is but I'd rather they make a Flash game or a Superman game.

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MasterD9192172d ago

Still crossing my fingers for a Batman Beyond game at some point....It's easily one of the most overlooked Batman series of all time.

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