Halo 4 Armor and Helmets Detailed

GR - "The upcoming Halo 4 from 343i is set to offer players with a wide range of customizability for their personal Spartan. Among the things players will be able to modify and customize for their character is their armor, which consists of a multitude of parts."

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Crankbrute2198d ago

Hazop helmet looks sad :(

tigertron2198d ago

It reminds me of the Ghost Face mask in Scream.

Think I'll go for either Recon or warrior.

Muffins12232197d ago

reminds me of the helgast helmets a little bit

crxss2198d ago

recon looks sick as always

sucks that the Locus helmet skin isn't offered as a pre-order bonus here in the States. the store with that pre-order bonus would have wiped the floor with the other retailers.

Adexus2198d ago

Yeah it's not offered here in the UK which is a shame because it's the only one that I really want in regards to pre-order bonuses, hopefully you'll be able to unlock it in-game and the pre-order bonus is just early access.

Though all of these helmets look badass to me.

robavila952198d ago

Guys you can check out more armory footage here

Trauma2197d ago

Is the site down? Do we know if the game is region locked?

TheCatsMeow2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

All the armor we've seen so far should be unlockable in the game. I'm pretty sure anything armor-related you earn as a preoreder bonus is just a skin for that certain helmet/armor that you can customise the color of. I hope this is true because the Locus helmet looks insane.

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