Resident Evil 6: The Good, The Bad & The Boring

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''The Resident Evil 6 demo is a strange beast. Split into three segments, each with their own ‘feeling’, the demo feels like a patchwork quilt of sorts. It’s clear Capcom have listened to the fans when it comes to the criticisms surrounding Resident Evil 5. The problem is, in doing so things have become a little messy.

The trailer pretty much confirmed that Resident Evil 6 would contain three different protagonists each in their own story (which we assume will interweave with each other). The demo offers up all three characters (plus the supporting co-op character) each in a section lasting about 15-20 minutes each. With each character having their own game style (you could go as far as saying genre) Capcom run the risk of spoiling Resident Evil 6 by potentially poorly executing one character’s portion of the game.''

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Linko642144d ago

Wasn't really impressed with the demo, felt very hollow.

Summons752144d ago

I loved the demo, about the only thing I didn't like was the cover system but I just stopped using that. I was surprised I enjoyed Jake more than I thought I would....still don't like Redfield.

Pozzle2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

It's a shame about Chris' section. I'm one of the few fans who really like Chris as a character and he seems to be more likeable in RE6 than he was in RE5 (I'm actually interested in his story this time around)...but his section was easily the weakest part of the demo. I couldn't even say it reminded me of RE5. IMO it felt more like it should have been a part of RE5's Desperate Escape DLC, as opposed to part of the main single-player campaign of RE6. I just hope the rest of Chris' chapters aren't all like that.

VanillaBear2144d ago

I think Piers is going to ruin Chris section even more, the character just seems Sheva was to Chris in RE5, bringing his character down aswell. Honestly Chris goes to dark place after his men are killed in this and Jill is no where to be seen, someone who should be supporting him. I'm really going to enjoy the lame excuse of where she is when most of the world going to shit in RE6.

Pozzle2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

@VanillaBear: I agree. I'm not feeling much interest in Piers either. He seems to be yet another boring throw-away sidekick like Sheva or Jessica from Revelations.


And IMO the scene where Piers meets Chris in the bar (and tried to get him to return to the BSAA) would have been so much more powerful if it had been Jill or even Sheva who talked him into returning instead. It makes no sense to introduce another random sidekick when there are plenty of already-existing RE characters (who are also members of the BSAA) who could do the exact same job.

Having Jill or Sheva see Chris sinking into alcoholism and depression (and attempt to rescue him from it) would have made for a far better scene than having some random kid telling off Chris for not being the hero he was expecting. I'm not even a big fan of Sheva, but I'd rather see her as Chris' partner again than some random guy who doesn't seem to have much personality beyond [INSERT GENERIC SIDEKICK HERE]

crxss2144d ago

it is only a demo...

only fun part of the demo was Jake's campaign, his hand-to-hand component is interesting and it's fun trying to go through his entire demo without shooting a weapon. Leon's part was nice... with the volume on full blast. not that scary but still creepy, always loved that aspect in RE games, hope it comes back. Chris's part... what a joke... basically felt like RE5 which i personally dislike.

Jovahkiin2144d ago

The demo is amazing, 2 player co-op plus a ton of rolling, diving and sliding and you have a very likable action horror game. In my opinion It's an excellent game for todays market.

VanillaBear2144d ago

"you have a very average over the top action game"


Darth Gamer2144d ago

They really need to scrap the series and start with a new IP. The whole story is just so stupid now I can't even get myself to try to be interested anymore. Bring back the atmosphere that made the original 3 so good. I don't care if its from cheep scares or not. How about a new set of people (a family maybe) gets hiking in the woods and gets stranded. comes across a haunted or zombie infested mansion and needs to escape. How about exploring a cave in south Peru and stumbles on some ancient ruins. How about a trip to an old abandoned,huge state prison And the "stars Team" needs to investigate what happened to all of the inmates and why they died horrifically. I could go on and on with good synarios. Give us slow gameplay (NOT RUN N' GUN), not a lot of ammo or none at all, tight corridors with lots of rooms to explore with shit jumping out at us with some puzzles to solve along the way and I'm sure most of us will be extremely happy. CAPCOM, PLEASE HEAR OUR CRIES.

CLOUD832144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Cant agree more well said man the story is a complete mess as of now it will be much better to create a new IP from scratch than continue this parody anymore, & other than the story the game is not RE/Horror Surviving game anymore, there is no scares, no struggle for surviving, no atmosphere, no puzzles, only OP main chars with unlimited ammo that kill everything on sight the game lost it's identity & it will be much better if they stop it now.

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