Slender Is Far From Splendid

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''Slender is far from a splendid experience. It’s a simple idea that produces fantastic experience. The horror market has lost its way in recent years (with a few exceptions). Tension and vulnerability have been replaced with big guns and screaming enemies. The soul has gone from the genre.

Slender isn’t trying its hardest to scare you, it doesn’t have to. The limited production values result in simple visuals in a limited world. The key to Slender’s success is its use of audio. The sound effects don’t suddenly spike to cause a jump scare. They creep up on the player, almost stalking and starting at each movement the player makes. The audio builds up the tension to the point the player begins to franticly look around them to just to make sure they are safe.''

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Linko642197d ago

Creepy...creepy...bloody creepy game

roadkillers2197d ago

I downloaded it and let my brother play. He picked up one note and saw another right before the Slender Man saw him. Very creepy game and it is worse because you never know where the notes are.

BTW it is a free download for anyone thinking about giving it a try.

MiamiACR212196d ago

After I read this article I downloaded it, configured my settings, put on my headset and... saw that there were too many tree's, crickets, and not enough light. CRTL ALT DEL. I'll give it another shot when I'm willing to snap my teeth down on my tongue in fear.

Imikida2196d ago

I made a reaction video to slender with my friends, we scream like little girls lol. I not gonna post the link on here through in the risk on being accused of self promoting.