OnLive Teams with Marvell to Provide Next Generation Cloud Gaming on Google TVs & Devices

Early this morning, Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) announced that OnLive is using the ARMADA® 1500 HD Media SoC to power their cloud gaming in Google TVs and Google TV devices.

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joeorc2174d ago

THE GAME SPACE has now giving way to more and more companies that are making Devices such as Smart TV's, HD movie streaming TV boxes. Add in Smart Phones and Tablets along with new Opensource Game systems like the OUYA. And just more Gaming market share to split among the companies and publishers.

The big point is this quote:

" There is no longer any need for gamers to own an independent game console, as they can now easily turn on their internet connected Google TV (or GTV device) and play any of hundreds of popular games using an OnLive Wireless Controller or a Google TV compatible controller."

Is not completely True in my opinion ,it depends on each person, with Sony, Nintendo and some of Microsoft 1st party games "Only" being found and only being playable on certain devices, there will always be a need for those devices as long as there is a demand for them.

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WeskerChildReborned2174d ago

True, that's why i'm not gonna really be using cloud gaming cause i just like simple console gaming.

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Lilioups2174d ago

i dont care

gaikai + sony is the best option i couldnt give a fck about phones,web games and tablets craps and crappy onlive wich is just horrible

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killcycle2174d ago

Onlive is great though, have you even tried it? It's the first time i'd ever played Homefront on PC without having to own a strong PC and it runs at decent specs which equal about 3 Ps3s and the stream quality had no delay. I had 50mb back then playing on 1080i 46inch.

How the hell is it horrible?

Awesome-Xanto2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

@killcycle -

Just to name a few:

1. You don't "technically" own your games at all and you have no control, even though they try to pass it off like you do.

2. You are depended on there servers and the games staying on the servers which they have no obligation to do at all. So that full price game you just bought from them may not be there a few years from now.

3. You are tied to a internet service, which is unreliable and if you have a bandwidth limit... be prepared to pay more.

4. If they get hacked = no gaming playing at all. PSN but worse.

5. Worst possible DRM there is.

6. Even on the fastest connections you can encounter lag, and streaming resolution is far worse the locally hosted content.

7. No modding/ cheats... the only reason to play on a PC over console considering your not getting better graphics with streaming.

TheKayle2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )


sorry for ur ignorance

Microsoft Market Cap: 246.15 Billions
Sony Market Cap: 12.92 Billions

now i know some fanboy like to dream ..but microsoft could buy sony+gaikai+allthefirstpartyst udiothattheyhave all in one time if they could and would...

but antitrust would kill microsoft dividing them in little companies again and again like when they put explorer pre installed on Windows...(after that netscape failed)

Sony isnt and will never be a serious problem for microsoft
just fanboys and young gamers (that never lived pc history of gaming and for this reason know microsoft just as "xbox" producer...and dont know how much strong is that company)...could trust in some "real" competition that sony could do against follow microsoft sony is losing money and money and money if u didnt realize it already

now imagine that vivendi is selling quotes (60%) of activision/blizzard for something like 10 billions...u think that Sony could never buy them? when Sony itself value is 12billions? just microsoft and some other company can....
im saying this for let u know that if microsoft would be interested in gaikai sold for 380millions they could buy them in 1/2 second
they have already their cloud network..their os etc etc etc just years before sony did

taquito2174d ago


and not even 10% of that is from xbox360, shareholders want the console market SCRAPPED at microsoft, its barely profitable, and until the last few years it was losing the corporation billions.

ms makes money on windows, on phones, on office, on software, the xbox and 360 were experiments, like the zune

joeorc2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

first of all just because your Market cap is listed as such does not mean squat!

1st of all it's notice this:

is the total value of the tradable shares of a publicly traded company.

and no it does not = what a freaking company is really worth!

As outstanding stock is bought and sold in public markets, capitalization could be used as a proxy for the public opinion of a company's net worth and is a determining factor in some forms of stock valuation. Preferred shares are not included in the calculation.

notice this:

could be used as a proxy for the public opinion of a company's net worth.

everyone has an Opinion. Some see what the assets a company Holds as also what a company is completely worth , not just a freaking part of the company!


The investment community uses this figure to determine a company's size, as opposed to sales or total asset figures.

you can call it what you will but Sony's overhead on asset holding's far and away value more than 12 billion..with one freaking factory alone they made almost a billion off of that in a sale to Toshiba.

and Again:

Note that market capitalization is based on a market estimate of a company's value, based on perceived future prospects, economic and monetary conditions. Stock prices can also be moved by speculation about changes in expectations about profits or about mergers and acquisitions.

Market cap reflects only the equity value of a company.
If Microsoft was going to say Easy for Microsoft to purchase. they also have to take on Sony's Assets also, thus any company that purchases said company will no doubt have to take on such problems that goes along with such purchase..but..but we could just sell off pieces of said could but there would be stipulation's in that contract for purchase.

it's more complicated than just saying my market cap is this and your market cap is that.

What was Apple's Market cap before they turned everything around?


its speculative worth, not true worth.

TheKayle2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

lol joe so we should read other numbers yeah


Fiscal Year Ends: Jun 30
Most Recent Quarter (mrq): Mar 31, 2012
Profit Margin (ttm): 31.97%
Operating Margin (ttm): 38.44%


Fiscal Year Ends: Mar 30
Most Recent Quarter (mrq): Mar 31, 2012
Profit Margin (ttm): -7.06%
Operating Margin (ttm): -0.10%

just to remember u the asset and holding's of microsoft if on nasdaq the enterprise value is more than 200b is at least 1 time and half...this
the proportion between this two company dosnt is a little one compared to microsoft r just facts and numbers

"Note that market capitalization is based on a market estimate of a company's value, based on perceived future prospects, economic and monetary conditions."

if u look at the enterprise value sony is less than 12.....something like 8billions

from wiki:
" A more comprehensive measure is enterprise value (EV), which includes debt, preferred stock, and other factors. "

joeorc2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

once again:

Market cap reflects only the equity value of a company.

just because your company is valued by the freaking "stock market" as what people think its worth does not mean squat. until you get to see all the Holding's , assets and debt.

so as you keep trying to claim Microsoft could just outright buy a company like Sony is pretty much, speculation if they would even want to take on A) all the debt a company has over 40 years accumulated.

you are trying to ignore the cost's of example not just one Semiconductor plant but multiple ones, and not just operating cost's but work force and value of each plant.

just because Microsoft's holding is worth 200 billion does not make the holding's of what Sony has any less of its worth.

your trying to make speculation as out to be a fact but yet there is no ounce of proof because the companies have not gone to brass tax and talked about a buyout or a merger. until than you can yammer on and on about what you think is fact's not what they really are.

Microsoft i doubt could get even a seat at the table with only 12 billion for a buy out..try much..much more for Sony, and even than Would Microsoft really want to incur all those debt assets? I very much doubt it. and if you look at market cap to guage a companies size!

Mega-cap: Over $200 billion
Large-cap: Over $10 billion

how many people does Sony employ: approximately 168,200 people

How many people Microsoft employ: 90,412 people

like i stated just because your EV or market cap is listed as such there is cost's until they sit down at the table its a guess by outside sources.

"if u look at the enterprise value sony is less than 12.....something like 8billions "

if your going to quote EV you may as well get it right! EV is currently 13,639


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