Console Domination: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Preview - The Death of Call of Duty?

Console Domination writes:Remember when Call of Duty was exciting? When you’d wait in anticipation for that slice of gameplay showing off what’s in store for the next installment...

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Trunkz Jr2140d ago

Whats to get excited about, it's like Battlefield 2142 only you can shoot through walls, big whooop here comes the future zombies uh oh i didn't see that coming... They really need to do something new for CoD fans, they deserve better...

JonahNL2140d ago

They are doing something new:
- Story written by The Dark Knight writer.
- Brand new era.
- Revamped customization in multiplayer.
- Multiple game modes for Zombies.
- Improved visuals (for the first time in years).

And the list does go on...

vallencer2140d ago

I think you should do a little more research as to what is being done that's new for the single player. The things they are doing are new to COD and going in a drastically different direction. Also you haven't seen any multiplayer footage or anything on it for that matter so before you say they need to do something new wait for all the details. If i remember correctly they said in an interview that they are changing the multiplayer drastically in this game.

Prince_Dim-Lu2140d ago

I'm a huge COD fan, and what they do is great. It's like Madden that comes out every Year.

The COD haters are getting older and more tiring than the actual game coming out each Year.

At least COD makes a newer game each year instead of charging you 50 bucks for a year old expansion.