Open Console Ouya's Kickstarter reaches $2.5 million USD in just a day

DSOGaming writes: "The team behind started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the development of this console and their initial goal was to raise $950K USD. Well, it seems that this Kickstarter campaign might be the most successful one, as it managed to surpass over $2.5 million USD in just a day. Yeap, you read that right. 2.5 million dollars in just a day."

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topekomsi2078d ago

I hope this comes quick, looks very very interesting.

john22078d ago

same here. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us

3GenGames2077d ago

It's the same as an Android phone with no screen or anything, hardly interesting.

thorstein2077d ago

@3Gen I think it a bit more than that however, I do know that multiplayer games will be a waste of time because the machine can be modded and hacked to the owner's delight (which I normally don't mind) and not one MP game would be devoid of cheaters.

Getowned2077d ago

very intresting indeed, cant wait to see how this goes. I dont think I'll get it day one ( I never buy consoles day 1). I am extremely interested!

topekomsi2077d ago

Agreed, for $99 bucks w/ tegra 3. Amazing. Game changing.

dark-hollow2077d ago

It really blows my mind the amount of disagrees you are getting.

ms and Sony loyalist needs to know that this product is NOT intended to compete with traditional consoles and won't threat their precious gods.

this product is for the people from the people, its an indie developers heaven without greedy publishers holding back their creativity freedom.

its a platform made from regular people, to the people. No douchebags in suits controlling everything.

its not about just ports from android games, but games actually built from the ground up to this system.

it combines best of both worlds, cheap indie games like ones on smartphones, and gamepad like on consoles, and best thing? its completely hackable and homebrew friendly.

all that for just 99$!!!!

would it spell DOME AND GLOOM for consoles? No, because its not meant to.

topekomsi2077d ago

I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head, this was meant to bridge the gap between mobile and console. The best part is the freedom developers will have.Also smaller developers can play ball. They can take bigger risks, but not as much at stake. Plus i think it will be like AA baseball, titles that do stellar, will move up to the big league.

PiccoloGR2077d ago

F2P plans for games huh? Let's see if this works out

Unexpecta2077d ago

They mentioned that their games are free, at least to try.

Summons752077d ago

It'll flop in the same time too lol

thorstein2077d ago

Well, based on the Kickstarter rewards system most people that donated over $95 get one, so it already sold about 2000 units.

joeorc2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

"Well, based on the Kickstarter rewards system most people that donated over $95 get one, so it already sold about 2000 units."

its pretty much as long as people follow through their pledge over 80,000 will have one before it goes into full production for the rest of the consumer's, in less than 2 days their 80,000 limit is now almost reached!

try over 20,000 unit's and still climbing

the total support $$ number is over $3 million now and there is 28 more day's to go, its well on its way to surpass the largest number of money donated to a project in kickstarter history

Fat Onion2077d ago

I think there will be a lot of copy cats.

NobleRed2077d ago

Hopefully this console will put some pressure on Sony and Microsoft. Could be helpful to get the next gen systems from them a lot earlier???

Unexpecta2077d ago

This Android console is in no way a danger or remotely any molecule of a threat to Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo.

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