Sony vs Microsoft vs ?

TVGB: "The life of current gen consoles is winding down slowly and, with the absence of PS4 and Xbox 720 at this year’s E3, a question arises: Who’s under more pressure to release a new console?"

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THC CELL2172d ago

Are serious ms and Sony can update there consoles for android game In a heartbeatand Sony are very good with google

decrypt2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Well technically if MS and Sony have an agreement not to release a console for a while. Then both of them can profit on the current consoles(which are already 6 years old).

MS might have made some profit this gen, however Sony has only made losses. I would think both of them probably have some sort of agreement not to release any new hardware for now. Since both want to get some profit before another gen.

Remember starting another gen just means restarting the losses, as thats how the console business model works. Take losses on the hardware, profit on software.

Since console gamers dont really have another option, MS and Sony may do as they please.


Exactly, which is why both of them will want to extend the gen and since there really isnt another option they can easily afford to do this.

Launching a new console, means launching from a base of 0, they will need to wait until enough people have bought the new console for it to start becoming relevant.

I would think thats a huge advantage that services like Steam or even cloud gaming has over the console gaming model. There is no reseting of base at the start of every generation, the user base only goes up.

avengers19782172d ago

MS has not many any money either RROD cost them a ton of money, this is fact. I am not slamming the problem, but Neither MS or Sony has made a profit off selling PS3 or 360.

andibandit2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )


but unlike Sony, MS didnt have a 70Billion$ deficit.

let me illustrate that for you


and lets not even think about what all the negative publicity when they were hacked cost them, or the cost of letting users download games for free, TROLOLOLOLO.

hellvaguy2171d ago

"Well technically if MS and Sony have an agreement not to release a console for a while"

Except that is very illegal to do and they would be fined millions of dollars.

avengers19782172d ago

I don't really think either is under much pressure to release a new console, both can easily add cloud gaming, android market games, through updates, both already offer up a ton of other content other than gaming. and even though I would say xbox because the lack of a blu-ray player, they still put out pretty amazing games on them DVDs so really not much of an issue.
I hope the next gen gives us one thing above all else, no god damn load times.....

Psycho_PS3Truthh2172d ago

This ouya system will not touch the king of all kings in gaming the playstation 3 or the future king the playstation 4. This device is just a test and even if its successful it will only be only be in its own league on the earth. this console is in a lower league than the wii and 360 while the PS3 is in a higher leaque than all of the above.

No one as reach the level of the mighty and omnipotent PS3 with games that are more amazing than anything else. I cannot wait until next year when the PS4 come to the earth riding on a cloud.

LackTrue4K2172d ago

lol....what the hell you doing here!?!? i hear alot about you on IGN!!! haha!!! hope to hear more comments from you!!! (got one follower right here!)

Psycho_PS3Truthh2172d ago

This is the only other gaming site I use other than IGN so I decided why not make an account for this society.

By the do you use IGN or you ran into people talking about existence on the earth.

LackTrue4K2172d ago

@Psycho_PS3Truthh, i do have another account on IGN, same name but only use it for the Daily Fix. but i just like N4G more people are help full here, and are hella funny!!!

"IGN commentators only have dum female jokes all day.....very little is said about games"

archemides5182172d ago

Sony, you better bump up the ps4 release schedule a few months before people spend their money on other stuff. like OUYA

WeskerChildReborned2172d ago

I don't think OUYA will be a threat to the consoles.

Hicken2172d ago

Why in the world would someone buy OUYA instead of one of the Big Three? No, lemme guess: because it's cheaper?

It's not gonna have ANY of the iconic exclusive franchises(Mario, Zelda, GT, God of War, Halo, Gears), it's not likely to have many of the biggest third party franchises(Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, FIFA, Elder Scrolls), but it WILL cost less.

That's about it, though. Simply put, it's not really competing with the others.

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