LittleBigPlanet: Karting Beta 15 Minutes Of Gameplay

Here's some exciting gameplay footage of the LittleBigPlanet: Karting Beta.

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hmm intresting so where my inv? LOL

majiebeast1930d ago

Sorry they mailed yours to me.

doogiebear1930d ago

The gameplay doesnt look as fast as Mod Nation racer. I hope they do something about that

phntom1930d ago

Agreed, they need to bump the pace. It's looking more like a "walk in the park" than a race.

cpayne931929d ago

Were you able to change speeds in modnation? I knew you could in mario kart.

kikizoo1929d ago

it's faster than mario kart games, so, it's a good thing (but better if you can also choose speed)

sandman2241930d ago

Looks like fun. I hope it's a 15 dollar psn game. That's the only way I'll buy it.

fei-hung1930d ago

so a full game similar to mario kart but with HD visuals and user generated content, meaning it has the potential to have unlimited levels should cost no more than 15 dollars?!

sandman2241930d ago

15 might be to cheap but 59.99 is asking to much. I'm just worried it won't sell well 60 dollars. You have a point. I'd pay 30 the most, I just think its hard to rival Mario kart. And with all the games comming out Id probably wouldn't spend a lot of time playing a kart game. I'm still playing socom 4, bf3, killzone3, mw3 and gt5.

MySwordIsHeavenly1930d ago

Hard to rival Mario Kart? I think nostalgia has more to do with that than anything. Mario Kart is a fun game, but even Mod Nation Racers was a better game. That's like saying Half-life 2 isn't as good as Goldeneye on the N64 because Goldeneye was the first GOOD FPS you played.

jjb19811930d ago

They probably made it with LBP2

OhMyGandhi1930d ago

As long as it doesn't have the loading times of ModNation Racers.

Nitrowolf21930d ago

Beta load times are fine.
It's literally a carbon copy of Modnation racer, well with way more options of course.

thekiddfran1930d ago

This looks great! I hope i get a beta invite soon. I got one for the Vita version and played the hell out of that!

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