Antichamber Preview - TGH

"Antichamber was presented at the very rough and ready booth of the Sega Leftfield Collection at Rezzed. This collection of indie games that took up crisp monitors and spread themselves along the long desks were only presented with whiteboard marker on the wall – Antichamber had also been spelt wrong and corrected with a well placed piece of paper. This presentation however was so rather apt for this confusing and brilliantly simple first-person puzzle game; not because it’s rough and ready – in fact this title is surprisingly polished for such an ambitious indie project still in development – but because all the instructions you need to know are written clearly, and simply, in plain sight – and yet many players still couldn’t get to grips with the controlled chaos within the game."

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ShadyDevil2199d ago

"Controlled Chaos" sounds interesting but hopefully not too overwhelming