Black Ops 2 Villain Trailer Secrets – 5 Things You Missed

Black Ops 2 got a new Villain trailer that focuses on antagonist Raul Menendez. NowGamer goes frame by frame to uncover some very interesting secrets.

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Feckles2142d ago

It's hard to care about the story of the Black Ops games after the first game's ending.

skyward2142d ago

Looks better than Black Ops, but still a bit all over the place, like a collection of scenes from loads of existing games.

robavila952142d ago

This article made me realize the BLOPS2 has the most generic plot in the world...

fastrez2142d ago

You don't know the full extent of the plot yet though.

floetry1012142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

This is actually an incredibly relevant story. Hacking and cyber attacking is hugely prevalent right now and I think Treyarch have made a bold move utilizing it within the Call of Duty franchise. I'm about as bored as anyone else with the idea of another CoD game, but you have to give them props for maintaining very solid science fiction ideals with the plot.

SwiftShot2141d ago

Co-writer from the dark knight rises! O_O TAKE MY MONEY

Silent_HunterSF2140d ago

i loved black ops's campaign. i like treyarch's campaigns for CoD better than the MW series to be honest :\ MW's campaign is alright, at best. Just never got into them completely. World at war and Black Ops were a different story. I got into those really quick and they were fun to me. Looking forward to Black Ops 2's campaign, multiplayer, and zombies.