TGC writes: Another day, another debate about whether it’s time to go digital-only with video game consoles.

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dangert122175d ago

If It was more like steam regarding prices and offering I could handle digital only

Farsendor12174d ago

i love the ideal of digital only but that is only cause of steam sales. if steam didn't have those crazy sales i probably wouldn't be hooked on it.

mamotte2174d ago

There are a lot of factors to take in account about being digital retail only. In my case, is a robust no. I live in Colombia, and communication technologies are not exactly the best here. My internet conection is only 4Mb, wich gives me a whooping 550kb on downloading, meaning a big game (let's say a single layer bluray PS3's game) would take, woth a lot of luck, 25-30 hours in the process. That if I dedicate all the bandwith for it.

Second, the world has something against us, at this point we, colombians, cant access the PSN network, unless we change the localization of the console and the PSN user to USA, for example. Even doing that, they wont accept colombian credit cards, so we're pretty f*ed here with digital distribution. So thanks, but no thanks.

In a less important point, I really love the game's boxes. They're cute and the collection looks great. I used to love manuals too, but let's be honest: They've become cheap b/w photocopies in the last years.

Farsendor12174d ago

hmm i have always been into pc gaming but i stopped caring about game boxes. i left consoles in 2011 after killzone 3 and psn went down.

i have been complete digital ever since even with a stupid download speed of 190kbs.

JBSleek2174d ago

PC is likely to go digital only within a span of possibly 5 years because it would be more accepted due to the lower prices and open platform but digital is just easier to manage and is less spinning disk hardware.

Console gamers are hard to guage when a digital only future is a viable if at all so digital is likely to be an option for those who rather store their games on hard drive.

What I would love to see though is when you buy a disk of a game you also get the code for the digital copy as well therefore I can keep the disk as a back up but play the game straight from my console.

MWH2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

i like to have my games stacked in my closet in colorful cases, the good old way.

Fishy Fingers2174d ago

Another day, another article and another resounding, no!

Done. See you tomorrow.

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