The OUYA needs a dream launch-line up to entice console gamers (suggestions inside)

While the idea behind OUYA sounds great on paper, a lot of gamers are legimately afraid that this new system will only serve as a home for the kinds of games we see today on IOS, which are, for the most part, either compulsive F2P collect-a-thons, timewasters or shameless clones. What's the cure to this skepticism ? The same every console gamer asks for every console: a great launch line-up, and one that particularly appeal to console gamers, which are the target of the product. If OUYA could suggest a great launch line-up before the end of its Kickstarter deadline I'm sure pre-orders would skyrocket. And since I'm such a nice guy, I'll even throw in some suggestions of games that I think would perfect to get the console crowd excited. Please give me your thoughts and own suggestions in the comments!

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