Gaming franchises I hope will die with this generation

"I think we can all agree that this console generation has dragged a bit. It mean't we've had to endure sequel after sequel.

Don't get me wrong I love a good sequel. Especially when the developers have listened to feedback and made improvements to further add to a franchise. Sometimes merely continuing a captivating story can in some cases be reason enough to bring out a sequel.

But when when i'm buying a games 3/4 or even 5th iteration, yet I feel nothing has greatly changed, surely something is wrong. A Lot of creativity has been lost towards the end of this console generation, and here is a list of franchises I hope don't bother us with more boring cash-ins over the next couple of years."

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MacDonagh2227d ago

That's some interesting choices that fella has got there, but he missed out the second 'ass' in assassin.

Army_of_Darkness2227d ago

Judging from his list of games that should die, I think he just wants gaming to end period. Please go away and never return.

MacDonagh2227d ago

Personally, I think I'm a delight. I was merely pointing out a typo in an article, yet I got so many disagrees for it. It wasn't an attempt at being funny or hilarious and people can disagree all they like, but the truth is the truth.

nukeitall2227d ago

I'm surprised to why MacDonagh got so many disagrees. Maybe there is a multiple account thing going on here. People do stupid stuff like that.

That said, why would anyone want a franchise they don't like to die? If you don't like it, don't buy it, don't play it and ignore it!

There are fans of those games that others would like to play.

If you don't like this site, click the plus sign right next to the website above and rate it! I for one do not want to see more of this junk here!

Septic2227d ago

Down vote this poor excuse for a gaming website.

PoSTedUP2227d ago

this guy is just a hater and doing this for hits. well i would like to inform you that you just ruined the credibly of your site, good job dipshit.

jsslifelike2227d ago

"I want to take almost every popular franchise and shit all over them in true hipster fashion... for hits."

ShinMaster2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

except for Final Fantasy and Uncharted and maybe Assassin's Creed.

I feel like more can be done in the future with those 2 or 3 franchises than with any of the other typical shooters with repetitive designs :P


PoSTedUP2227d ago

@ shinmaster. *in movie preview guys voice* They are. some of the most popular, franchises. in gaming history... good luck coming off as: reasonable.

Gaming1012226d ago

Yet another internet troll that went fishing for hits, and looks like he was successful. He has the spelling ability of a 2nd grader, or at least a crackhead who dropped out of the second grade.
No one cares about your hate filled rant. It can be summed up as "everything successful should just die, like Angry Birds, Assassin's Creed etc. because I myself am an unsuccessful internet troll who needs to bash popular things for cheap hits".

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232227d ago

MYKE the author finished his post with

"And that is my list. Pretty controversial to some probably, but who cares. Feel I missed anything? Or want to scream at me? Leave a comment and COME AT ME BRO!"

just shows how bad things are getting in the journalism world.

Prince_Dim-Lu2227d ago

I love how this kind of stuff passes as news, but because I run a website that is a message board, N4G does not allow me to post stories of when we are giving away free games to members.

But this crap gets passed as news.

What would gamers rather read? A story like this, or a story where they can win a free Kinect, or PSN plus year subscription and so on.

Oh well... this site is pretty whacked.

stuntman_mike2227d ago

The sad thing is stuff like this gets lumped in with proper gaming journos, when all it is,is a blog which anyone can make and publish on a site like n4g for hits.

BlackPhoenix2226d ago

@pam fritter.
Exactly. You'd expecy a journalist to be more responsible than this. Plus saying that franchises should die just because only he doesn't like them is the height of intolerance.

Cerberus292226d ago

Notice he has no Nintendo games on the list but he wants the major exclusive franchises on xbox and ps3 to end. Nintendo has been using the same franchises for over 20 years.

Dumb biased article is dumb.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2227d ago

He kind of fixed it. Now it says "Assasin's Creed."
I think the guy who wrote this is running the website. I would have been too ashamed to hand that article to an editor. TBH I would have been too ashamed to hand that article to my high school english teacher.

gintoki7772227d ago

Games series that deserve a new game: The Mother series, Shenmue, Zone of Enders....Please, oh and SE please release Versus

ritsuka6662227d ago

Gaming franchises I hope will die with this generation"

FPS genre need die, the rest will be fine though.

morkendo232227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I think myke is right!! these military type game has been milked to long and the milk taste like curd now. need new IP'S something old reborn or new completely. im bored as hell with same format over an over an over year after year after year.
@ myname is evil
why would he need a explanation?? he basicly saying
these games been done soooo damn much and is BORING!! how long will those games feel new and fresh?? I've played all those game felt bored after sec. series of same title.... to each his own bro.

im sure myke is saying HOW ABOUT SOMETHING NEW,SOMETHING EVERYONE can enjoy. not only hardcore but everyone many people bought ps3 expecting their favorite ps1,ps2 game to be up-graded in HD to continue their gaming but that has not happen.

avengers19782226d ago

I for one can't wait to see what next gen brings to 4 out of 5 of the titles listed in his "article".... Angry Birds can go away.
Did anyone see Squares tech demo for there next gen engine... can you imagine what final fantasy will be like then. Gears is a great franchise, Ass.Creed can keep reinventing itself with new leads, new locals, new weapons, and gadgets, Halo is an xbox multipler game that still has millions playing online and Halo 4 is currently one of the most wanted games coming out this year.
While were at it lets due away with Madden, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and GTA(The person that wrote this article seems sort of like they secretly hate games and wish they would go away)

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mynameisEvil2227d ago

What a trolling, flamebait article with absolutely nothing good about it. "There's a popular series, I hope it dies."

No, seriously, look at the list here:
Assassin's Creed
Gears of War
Final Fantasy
Angry Birds
Ghost Recon
Call of Duty

And the author lists no good explanation for any of these, really, so...

Ghoul2227d ago

haters will hate
and n4g willgive them the space to spread such pull on the masses

well move along

L1keMike2227d ago

So you want another console generation filled with poorly implemented sequels? "Gears of War 5 for a new console Yaaaaaaaaay"

mynameisEvil2227d ago

If they are good sequels, I certainly do. If Gears isn't there, many other games will copy the style to see if it can fill that empty void. We might as well have the best version of the type of gameplay, plain and simple.

And poorly-implemented? Out of the list that's here, Call of Duty, Angry Birds, and Assassin's Creed are the only ones that have "poorly-implemented" sequels. Even Assassin's Creed is at least shooting for the stars for this one, so... what's your point?

Denethor_II2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

"Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo Wars and the Halo HD remake. I personally have had enough of the whole halo universe, simply due to overload. We FINISHED THE FIGHT, so what is the point of Halo 4? The fact that it’s coming out on the current x-box is pretty much bullshit and another lovely money grab. Give the Master Chief a rest and move on."

I agree with this statement. Also I'm, sick of AC, hate gears, hope FF improves and changes, bored of Ghost, Uncharted definitely needs (and is getting) a break and anyone with a brain is bored of CoD.
I don't see why you deem this man's opinion as trolling. I can completely see where he's coming from.

Also I don't mention Angry Birds as I don't consider it a game. It's like calling a push-bike a motorcycle.

mynameisEvil2227d ago

Let's see, you hate Gears? Okay, but there's only been three games. It doesn't need to die. Uncharted? 4 games, which includes Golden Abyss. Bored of Ghost Recon? Only been three games this generation, once again. AC, FF, and CoD are perhaps a bit more understandable to dislike, but to want these series to die is just a stupid thing to say. If he wanted to say, "Franchises I Hope Will Take A Break Soon" or "Have More Time Put Into Them", I would understand. But to want to kill off a franchise and not give it that chance to get better is ridiculous.

Even Call of Duty can get better if they stop making it suck. If they don't fix it, they'll drive their own series into the ground without any help needed.

KMCROC542227d ago Show
Denethor_II2227d ago

Yes I hate(strong dislike) Gears because of the steroid pumped bland characters and story. Uncharted peaked at 2, this is generally accepted. 3 felt like more of the same, stagnation was starting to occur. And to conform this the company has moved to a new project. I'm not going to list every Ghost game, but I stopped playing when it reached 'Advanced Warfighter'. For me I have had enough of the series.

I look forward to new IP's. You seem to enjoy 3,4,5 or even 6,7 and 8 when comes to Ghost Recon. I however become bored with the same series of games and look for something new.

vickers5002227d ago

"Yes I hate(strong dislike) Gears because of the steroid pumped bland characters and story."

So you never liked Gears at all, which means your opinion is worth absolutely nothing when it comes to Gears. Just f'cking ignore it then. I hate all those stupid Madden and NCAA games, but I don't think they should die off just because they're not for me. Other people still enjoy them.

But apparently you're so selfish that you think if a game or a franchise doesn't cater specifically to YOU, then it should die.

dotwithshoes2226d ago

How can you agree with giving Master Chief a rest? He's had two games so far for the 360.. not including 4 which hasn't released yet. One of those two was a "HD Remake", and the other came out 5 years ago. Halo ODST wasn't about the chief, neither was Reach or Halo Wars. So we can give him a break when he's had ONE actual game that was a new current generation title? I hardly read into this article and I already think the author is an idiot. Doesn't bode well for the rest I guess.

andibandit2226d ago


You seems to have a strong dislike for anything you've played before, but what about those of us who really like to play Campaign coop with friends. For us games like Halo/Gears are godsends, even tho they are getting a bit old.

akaakaaka2226d ago

you are normal!

Denethor_II > most losers in n4g

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joab7772227d ago

It's funny because we know that most are re-upping this Gen. They will all get a boost from graphical and gameplay upgrades. Remember, these games pay for everything!!!!

Crazay2227d ago

Yup - All "popular" multi million copy selling games that he wishes would die. Firstly, good luck with that, secondly, what series' does this guy hope carry on?

More Lollipop Chainsaw, Dead or Alive (bouncy bouncy virtual bewbies...) or games based on Pixar/Dreamworks games (all huge winners =\)

This list is just silly and clearly fodder to try and draw criticism and grab some shameless traffic.

chukamachine2227d ago

I just wish people would stop going on about open world games like they are amazing. No they get boring quick unless your like 12.

Unless there is a reason to do something in a game, why do it.

Cut the rope is better then angry birds.

Uncharted in space needs to happen.

call of duty needs a rest for 5years.

Gears of chunky soldiers has gotten long in the tooth.

I'd like to see an adult HALO with actual decent enemies and not childrens colourful cute characters.

Oh_Yeah2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

gears of war- hasnt changed gameplay mechanics since 1, whats new other than story and graphics? i still cant battle in aircrafts, tanks, etc. gears of WAR needs more variety in WAR so it feels like war

call of duty- dont get me started. whats the difference between cod 4 and mw3? setting? they also need more variety, destructible areas, better story telling

final fantasy- one botton press game, take turns to attack -__- thats was cool in 1999, not now.

whats changed? still feels like im playing almost the same game since the 1st for all of these. theres not much reason to buy the newest one over the first

_Aarix_2226d ago

Dude The gameplay mechanics from gears 1 to 3 are AMAZING differences. 3 has smoothed out all clunks in all aspects. You obviously havent played it and thus dont deserve an opinion.

Oh_Yeah2226d ago


i have it lol, you cant tell me other wise. i just dont see the big leap, other than graphics and smoothness as you put it. yeah it plays better but im talking about ACTUAL gameplay additions

CoryHG2227d ago

how about most of those are milked franchises. Basically, get rid of yearly releases that aren't sports games. We don't need an Assin Creed every year.

ChiVoLok02227d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. He sounds like a Nintendo fanboy though. Notice how Mario and Zelda weren't included(not that they should've been included) although they have been around way longer and don't change much from game to game?

specialguest2227d ago

Despite the fact that every FF series is a new story, world, and characters, I don't mind FF taking a break. Imagine what new or resurrected RPGs SE could be devoting time to if there was no FF for a while.

WeskerChildReborned2226d ago

COD doesn't even really need a explanation.

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DasTier2227d ago

I don't want any of those franchise to be discontinued, even call of duty has its place in the gaming world. It's like the author has just made himself a list of some of the best games this generation O.o

SpecialK2227d ago

Agree with that, none of those need to be canned.

Some of them could to with a re-boot. Though i expect Call of Duty will get one at some point similar to the change between 3 and 4 with next gen.

Halo, Gears of war and uncharted have been some of the best games this gen that have just kept on one upping themselves all generation, theyre doing everything right as far as Im concerned...

L1keMike2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

They are the best games of this generation. But lets keep it for THIS generation and move on.

DasTier2227d ago

You do realize f we did that with every generation then the gaming industry would be a lot weak than it is today right? If not dead.

antz11042227d ago

Your comment literally makes no sense whatsover, just like your argument.

Taking what we have now and carrying it to the future consoles IS moving on. If more ppl used you logic then we would have never had the Metal Gear Solid Series. If a story is solid and theres room for more, run with it.

VanguardOfCalamity2227d ago

I get what the author is saying to a degree but I would prefer maybe some sort of Re-boot in SOME of these series or a new storyline/protagonist that may still be in the same "universe" as its predecessor but go in a different direction. One example might be an Assassin's Creed 200 years in the future...or an Angry Pigs where they finally get some sweet retribution ... perhaps even and Uncharted where we see an aging Sully flipping channels in a rest home only to find there's buried treasure under the ol' maintenance shack.... ok started losing my train of thought there.. but Should these series go away? I don't think so - but something more then a fresh coat of paint would be nice too. Either way I'll be playing all the same

TopDudeMan2227d ago

I don't want final fantasy to die. I want them to fix it and make it like 1-10. They've lost their soul.