Devil May Cry 4 Demo (Japanese) is available for download now from the PSN

Just to let everyone know the Japanese demo is available for download now. Its 640MB and supports up to 720p resolutions.

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UnblessedSoul3679d ago


Don't matter I'll just wait a few weeks to get a fixed one ready for another RROD

BLUR1113679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

lol im a xbox 360 owner but that was a funny comment.

socsca3679d ago

No your not, you are writing a comment on n4g.

mighty_douche3679d ago

Does it have an option for engliah language??

Korosuke3679d ago

No, but voice acting is English.

mighty_douche3679d ago

Cheers green! have a bubble!

Ghoul3679d ago

The demo is completly in english so dont worry guys

Played it
Loved it
Will buy it

dmc4 kicks ass :)

BLUR1113679d ago

I just played it im getting the first day out.. i have to now.

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The story is too old to be commented.