FIFA 13 – 5 game-changing mechanics to look out for

MyGaming's Jeremy Proome writes: "With every new football season, comes a new FIFA. The annual series has proven itself to be one of the franchises that never says die, and has garnered a strong reputation by continuing to evolve again and again – making it that much closer to footballing perfection."

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Psychotica2146d ago

"With every new football season, comes a new FIFA." - That doesn't allow you to play a football season for some strange reason..

iistuii2146d ago

Dunno what game you've been playing. There's season mode, it's carear mode. Also live season, which has the real life fixtures of your user team.

Psychotica2146d ago

So it has a mode where I can just pick a team, play a season schedule and then play in the playoffs for the championship? I have Fifa 12 by the way.

iistuii2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I must admit I've never played the MLS, if they don't do the correct format like the play off after the league season, then I appologise. But every other league I've played has the season mode. I've picked a team in many countries, gone all through the season, which includes the cup competitions local & European, so I'd be very surprised if they messed up the MLS.

Tzuno2146d ago

yeah new mechanics every year the excuse to put another number in the title.