Cooper Lawrence Feels The Wrath Of Gamers: Update

BitBag have sent an email to Cooper and her publicist in an effort to help her redeem herself & offered her the opportunity to actually PLAY Mass Effect and apologize to the public for the lies and misinformation she spread, but predictably there has been no response. For now, enjoy some of these review snippets from her Amazon page.

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TheTwelve3613d ago

Yeah, she's getting lit up like a Christmas tree.

Seems as if Amazon can't delete those bad comments fast enough.

Gamers verses Authors...I really didn't see this coming.


ravinash3613d ago

Hell has no fury like a gamer scorned.....I love it.

Exhaust3613d ago

I slammed her on both Amazon and B&N. Both places she's rock bottom 1 star with tons of 1 star reviews. Its over for her they can't delete the bad reviews fast enough.

Uck that whore.

360Jamaican40GigFL3613d ago

why did they make it sound like she responded

rofldings3613d ago

1.2 out of 5 stars 546 customer reviews (546 customer reviews)


GodsHand3613d ago

Seems Amazon personel deleted the all the comments.

LJWooly3613d ago

Lol, she goes on about Mass Effect 'objectifying' women, but look at her on the front cover, she's trying to use sex appeal to sell her book by attempting to look seductive.

Retard much, Cooper?

GITPWNED3613d ago

lmfao. pure genius this whore is.

AuburnTiger3613d ago

You guys should read some of the reviews to her new book, it's pretty funny.

ravinash3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

I found this funny...
was on the comments page for her book.

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The story is too old to be commented.