5 Biggest Console Fails Of All Time

Red Ring of Death, Hacking Scandals, Failed Console Launches, Vapourware and more all discussed

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StrongMan1862d ago

That picture says it all.

Morrigan-Aensland1862d ago

GameCube, Wii, xbox, Xbox 360, Wii u

Morrigan-Aensland1862d ago

N4g isn't a place for honest opinions.

GameCube -lacked games
Wii- lacked core games
Xbox- lacked games
Xbox 360 - too much negatives to list
Wii u- just watch e3 2011 and 2012

To each his own. People think Wii is a success but to who? Can't play sales

mewhy321862d ago

Good read and pretty much spot on. Xbox 360 failure rate of pre-slim consoles, Playstation hacked and 77 million users' information spread across the web (WOW that's HUGE), and didn't even have preparation for leap year (wow that was genius), and virtual boy( before it's time).
Good article.

darthv721861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

@morrigan...I think you are misinterpreting what the article is about. It isnt about the failure of a platform but more specifically about failures within the platform that stand out.

RROD is a failure to the 360 platform but it doesnt mean the 360 failed overall. They were able to recover.

same with the PSN hack and YLOD. Both have hit and both have been dealt with by Sony to keep the platform going.

The simple lack of games (or more specifically...appealing games to you) is not a failure within the platforms you listed. All of them have their pros.

Now if there was a scandal involving the wii and use of certain attachments that caused problems for gameplay then I would imagine it being on the list. (edit: the loss of control of the wiimote, sending it flying out of your hands while playing. that is a good example of a failure within the wii platform)

As it is, just the lack of games isnt enough of a reason to make the list. And as for guapo and darkride...same rules apply for the 3do, jag and neogeo. All 3 were platform failures due to interest but none of them had any specific failures within the platforms that equated to being hacked or consistent hardware design flaws.

I can understand your pov but that isnt what the article is relating to. Perhaps there needs to be simply a "failed consoles" list where as this one is about failures within the console platform.

liquidhalos1861d ago

So you think every console besides the ps 1,2 and 3. How predictable of you

BlackTar1871861d ago

liquid you so quick to pull the fanboy card you forgot he didn't mention i dunno

Dreamcast,SNES,Genesis, and multiple others?

TheRealHeisenberg1861d ago

@ BlackTar187

It is what it is.

b-real1861d ago

#1's gotta be the PS3. No way a console can forfeit as much market share as the PS3 did compared to the PS2 and not be considered a fail

NoFanboyRequired1861d ago

Lol, if it wasn't for xbox, our console gaming online wouldn't be as good as it is today. Also, the original xbox had a shit ton of great games. Dead or Alive, Crimson Skies, Doom 3 (yes i know it was on PC too) PGR, Halo 1-2, Bloodwake, Breakdown, Brute Force, Conker: Live and Reloaded, Dino Crisis 3 and the list goes on!

Boody-Bandit1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

My list would be
Xbox 360
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Atari Jaguar
Sega Nomad
Neo Geo CD
Runner up: 3DO

^just my opinion.
I think the only console I never owned was the Nintendo Virtual Boy. It was THAT bad.

WeskerChildReborned1861d ago

Wii U still look's pretty good even though the launch lineup doesn't seem that great but i am looking forward to Aliens, AC3, and ZombiU.

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Guwapo771862d ago

How in the hell is the PS3 going to be on there on a list of all time? Was he born 10 years ago?

Where is Atari Jaguar? Where is Panasonic 3DO? Where is Neo Geo with it's $200 per game system?

This author fails on multiple levels.

Anon19741862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Indeed. The PS3 fails? Please. They're so freakn small why even bother mentioning it. The leap year bug, gamers were inconvenienced for a day, but still able to play everything they owned. The PS3 hack, Sony prudently took down the service to shore things up, fixed it, offered fraud protection even though all the data lost was encrypted and then offered free, retail games. Yeah, that was quite the "scheme". I sure felt bad about downloading free, AAA retail games. And again, nothing about this kept people from playing their titles.

This is no worse than when XBL went down for about a month for some over the holiday rush, and MS didn't even bother refunding money back to people who had paid for the service for that month but instead offered a craptacular diving game. So the leap year thing get's a mention for bugging gamers for a day, but not this? Or how about when bugs with Windows Live ID's let god knows how many XBL accounts get hijacked?

Even the PS2 laser issues don't warrant a mention. That actually stopped people from playing, even though it was easily fixed by anyone with a screwdriver and the ability to open their console, and Sony eventually refunded people the repair costs. But to include the PSN attack, like it was somehow Sony's blunder? Sony and their customers were the victims here, but still, these were minor annoyances that never once stopped users from enjoying their games. When you look at such epic fails as the Sega 32x, or like mentioned above the 3DO, Jaguar, certainly makes the temporary inability to sign on to a console seem pale.

Prince_Dim-Lu1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

@Darkride... you do know that when Live went down that holiday season.. it wasn't for everyone. People were still playing online, just some people couldn't get on. That's far from being the same as all of PSN being shut down because it was hacked. Far from the same.

Great spin though. Xbox Live was nowhere even close to being down for a Month. SDF are true warriors.

solar1861d ago

Running an online service like PSN and not having qualified people on staff to have to outsource a company to tell you what information has be comprised is a HUGE eff up. Especially with how dependent gaming is with online nowadays. Any company that has customers credit card information should have the utmost security.

andibandit1861d ago


"This is no worse than when XBL went down for about a month for some over the holiday rush."

a month? i would say thats strectching it by a lightyear.

Is the PS3 a fail? not for the consumers, but looking at it from Sony's angle they went from all out dominant to WTF.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1231861d ago

where is the PS2 failure rates?.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1861d ago

all current gen consoles marketed saying 1080p games fail!!

Wenis1861d ago

Thats what Im wondering.. My poor fat PS2 and those disc read errors :(

ZBlacktt1861d ago

You mean the best selling video game console of all time? That console is still selling after all these years.

Oh_Yeah1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

am i one of the only people to never get rrod? lol ive had the 360 since a little past launch. maybe because my room stays in the low 60's helped? ive had every console since the nes except the wii. only 2 have kicked, the. dreamcast -controller ports stopped working, my ps2- redish screen + failed to read discs. both were pretty common.

NoFanboyRequired1861d ago

It depends on the heat and how much dust is in your room. I think dust was a huge factor of the problem. I had a launch 360 but it crapped out on me after a year and a half. Took it apart and the heatsinks were just caked in dust. Now i have the Elite 120GB Jasper unit from 2009 and still no problems yet, but i clean it every 3 months and also install my most played games to keep the moving parts down to a minimum.

Oh_Yeah1861d ago

@ NoFanboyRequire

yeah man, with a jasper your safe. someone i know repairs and mods 360's and ever since, he has not seen a single jasper come in with problems. The only thing i hate about my fat 360 is it sounds like an airplane...but oh well. if i care enough one day ill get the guy to install some silent pc fans.

000000000000000000011861d ago

No your not alone there are lots of original Xbox 360s still working great, mine is over 5 years old and I play the crap out of it.

avengers19781861d ago

Atari Jaguar, Sega CD, Sega DreamCast. Turbo Graphics 16, 3DO...
@liquidhalos... my only thought to you is, there are way more than 8 consoles, you named 3, @Morrigan-Aensland named 5...

ZBlacktt1861d ago

and them some. A 50% fail rate is super huge, lol.

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PonyMadeFromTacos1862d ago

Funny how Virtual Boy is only at #4

t0mmyb0y1862d ago

I kind of liked the Virtual Boy lol

sticky doja1862d ago

So you were the person that liked it. I remember reading about you back in '96.

MRMagoo1231861d ago


lmao that actually made me laugh thanks :)