Surfer Girl: Boogie 2 uses Wii Balance Board, new SWAT game

Surfer Girl reports that EA's Wii Balance Board title is Boogie II and it is "not as bad as Boogie". She reveals who is creating the new SWAT game and talks about GRIN's AAA title.

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wiizy3859d ago

ea is embrassing innovation now.. all they need is one top title on the wii.. i dont think its boogie2 but we'll see

Monteblanco3858d ago

Does anybody ever looked back at Surfer Girl's predictions to evaluate how accurate they are?

ry-guy3858d ago

I've started to keep a tally.

She reported the Lost game is going to blow hard cheese. It seems the previews are pretty warm to the game.

She also reported that the Cloverfield was going to suck royally and suggested people stay away from it. Of course, it hasn't and is quite popular.

The big one I'm holding to her is her definitive call that GDC will be the place Gears 2 will be unveiled.

MK_Red3858d ago

"King's Quest revival"!? "New SWAT"!?
OMG, please PLEASE be true (Though new SWAT is probably not from Irrational / 2K Boston... )